Pioneer also enters the bicycle navigation system, and what is required next cycle navigation

ByMartin Q

On 25th OctoberPioneerCycle navigation exclusively for bicyclesPotanabi (Potter Navi)We announced the release of. Release date is February 2012.

In the cycle navigation market, portable navigation "Gorilla" which became brand of Panasonic now with former SANYO equipped with bicycle modeCN-MC01L, Sony also turned on the bicycle navigation functionNav-u (Nab · Yu) NV-U 37Three companies have entered this by entering.

Speaking of pioneer, car navigation system "Carrozzeria (carrozzeria)Having a brand,Cyber ​​naviIs known as a high-performance car navigation system of 20 to 300,000 yen class. However, according to Pioneer President Susumu Odya, Potanabi is not on the extension line of a car navigation system, but it is a traditional wayCycle computerIt is also different,potteringIt is said that it was made to enjoy.

◆ The difference between cycle navi and car navigation system
It is the work of the navigation system to incorporate the GPS to locate its own position and lead it to the destination. In that respect, both car navigation and cycle navigation are the same, but there is a part customized for bicycle.

· Special cradle
What is essential as cycle navigation is that a cradle for attaching to a bicycle is attached. Anyway, it is meaningless unless you can attach it to a bicycle.

· Battery powered
Cycle navigation must operate on its own for car navigation systems that are powered. Therefore, each model is a mechanism driven by a battery. Battery duration varies, but it is possible to use roughly 5 hours to 10 hours if you are always on route guide and GPS log.

· Cycle computer
The weight of the bicycle is an important point for those who are cycling. Since there is no room to install Navi and Cycle Computer separately, it is necessary to combine functions. Specifically, it has a function to count the distance / time to the destination, current speed, average travel speed, maximum speed, calorie expenditure etc.

· Drip-proof performance
Unlike a car navigation system that can be placed in a car, Cycle Navi is basically used in rain. Even if rain falls somewhat, the drip proof function is essential. However, because it is "drip-proof" to the last, it is not "waterproof", so it is better not to use it for a long time or in heavy rain.


· Easy to see even outdoors
When I try to see the liquid crystal outdoors on a fine day, sometimes I do not know what is written and it is dazzling. Since Cycle Navi is troubled with such a thing, it improves the transmittance of light and improves the contrast, improving outdoor visibility.

◆ Functions that will become necessary in the future
Cycle Navi already has necessary functions, and after that it is a game of how each company puts out his / her personality, but the necessary functions change over time. So, what kind of functions will be required in the future? I thought for a moment.

· Display whether the sidewalk is possible or not
Just from 25th OctoberStrengthen control of bicycles on sidewalks by the National Police AgencyHas started. As a bicycle enters a group of cars as a classification, "Bicycle can passOther than the sidewalk indicated as "You must run on the roadway. In the future, if you are running on a sidewalk it becomes the target of guidance, and as a malicious case it will be cut off a traffic ticket, it will be important information as to whether it is okay to run on a sidewalk or not.

· Display of bicycle one way
Although it is a bicycle treated as a traffic weak person, it can also be a perpetrator in a contact accident with a pedestrian. Therefore, the installation of the bicycle path is advanced. From now onOne-way regulation introduced for bicyclesAs it is said to be done, it is necessary to have a solid navigation so that it will not be sent backwards. One way is reflected in the map data, so if one way is actually introduced, you should be able to navigate exactly if you use a correspondence map without doing anything.

ByMark Stosberg

· Congestion information
Cyber ​​Navi is communicating with equipped vehicles,VICS"Smart loop" that reflects traffic congestion and congestion in real time in navigation that can not be covered only with information of "smart loop" is installed. Since the bicycle can pass through the gap between the cars, traffic congestion does not occur much, but if the car fills the lane and the lane, it may not be able to move. Sharing such information should also be useful across bikes. In the future, as the number of bicycles increases and the number of bicycles equipped with cycle navigation increases, the information gathered also increases, so maybe we can choose the route to arrive earlier to the destination. When selecting a route, I'd like to navigate considering height difference information and traffic jam information.

ByMari - 1008

Currently, the trend of bicycles is spreading quietly, and therefore traffic accidents caused by bicycles are also increasing. A bicycle for competition where walking as described above and brakes were removedPistoThat is why we are enforcing the criminal investigation. I hope Cycle Navi supports that support to send safe bicycle life ... ....

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