Experience the surround headphone "MDR-DS 7500" realizing stereophonic "7.1 ch"

"5.1 ch" consisting of a center speaker (1ch), a stereo speaker (front speaker, 2ch), a stereo speaker placed diagonally behind (rear speaker, 2ch), and a heavy bass speaker (0.1ch) is a standard It is Sony's digital surround headphone that can easily experience "7.1 ch" which goes on up to now by adding 2 ch further "MDR-DS 7500".

This is the first time for general-use headphones not for business use, adding the spread in height direction for the first time, and using the "MDR-DS 7500" which is a strength that can reproduce stereophonic sound full of presence like a movie theater immediately Saw.

Outer box of "MDR - DS 7500". The manufacturer suggested retail price is 49,350 yen including tax,The lowest price at the time of article writing is 28,895 yen.

The image of 7.1 ch is posted on the back. In order to express the "height" of the sound, "MDR-DS7500" reproduces the configuration in which the center speaker is one pair at the foot, and the pair becomes a total of two pairs at the position higher than the screen with a single headphone.

Processor section to be used in combination with wireless headphones.

It has three HDMI input terminals and one HDMI output terminal on the back side, and when the connected equipment is played back, the main body starts up, and it corresponds also to "BRAVIA link" which automatically switches the input.

The main body weight of the surround headphone is about 325 grams. Since it is possible to purchase surround headphones alone as an option, "If you want to enjoy a movie with a lover and two people with deep power," you only need to add headphones.

Adopted low-resilient cushion adopted ear pads that can be used even when wearing glasses or 3D glasses. It is characterized by a very good fit because it has high rebound resilience and can cover your ears without any gap.

Power supply terminal (left) and power button of the processor part (inside the right / red frame). Press the power button to activate the processor section from the headphones.

Volume dial (left) and effect and ID setting button (right)

Charging is not a contactless charging that puts on a special stand, but a type that charges by plugging in. When the built-in battery is fully charged, the battery duration is about 18 hours, the duration of charging for 30 minutes is about 3 hours, and if you fully charge it the night before the previous day, "I would like to see a movie using a break Even when it says, there is no worry about running out of the battery.

The lamp glows red when charging.

I immediately tried connecting HDMI with the monitor and PS3, "MDR - DS 7500" main unit.

For optical environments where HDMI connection is not possible, optical digital cable (square type - square type) is also included.

First of all, 6.1ch compatible software "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: DestructionPlay. You can select "6.1 ch surround" from the voice menu by adding the speaker just behind 5.1 ch (rear center). Moreover, it is a big point that the sound of the front center · rear · rear center speaker can be heard very precisely by the headphones fitting firmly to the ear.

As you can reproduce the position where the sound that is supposed to be supposed will come out directly, such as "Announcement flowing at NERV headquarters is heard from the back", the presence feeling as it was seen in the movie theater will revive as it is.

Then "InnocenceI played it. Innocence contains "7.1 ch surround" above 6.1 ch.

It does not mean that the stereoscopic effect of the sound is particularly emphasized by 7.1 ch surround, and we receive the impression that the sound is spreading naturally to the last. As we can also enjoy the play middle songs and BGM with dynamic dynamic surround, I listened to it with a loud volume.

Enjoying such a surround can be done with an ordinary home theater set using a speaker, but even when you say "go up and get a drink while watching", the surround headphones change the left and right size of the sound There is a merit that it is not.

In addition, it is comfortable to wear headphones themselves, not being tired even when wearing for a long time, and by adopting a design for dealing with 3D glasses newly, "Even with glasses it does not interfere with headphones, exhausted It is also a point that it is a product that we are asking for users who are wearing eyeglasses on a daily basis, that we can use it without worrying about it. "

Furthermore, as the biggest merit of "MDR - DS 7500", it is possible to enjoy movies with loud volume as it is without any doubt in a multi - family residence or the like without realizing the feeling in the theater, and as a system realizing 7.1 ch, It is an item that is suited to the housing situation in Japan, such as being minimal.

A demo video of 7.1 ch surround is posted on YouTube.

Samsung Demo HD - Blu-Ray Sound 7.1 ch [HD] - YouTube

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