Future Urban Transportation System "SkyTran"

In any big cities the traffic is heavy in the center, traffic congestion is inevitable, and it is often that public transport buses can not run on time. The future transportation system released from all such troubles is "SkyTran". It is totally uninhabited, it seems that you can get on from any place and get off at any place you like.

Details are as follows.
SkyTran - Individual Maglev System | thecontaminated.com

The vehicle is such a two person seating.

The top is the main line, the bottom is the bus stop.

When a person puts on a vehicle, he increases the speed with an acceleration lane and joins the main line.

SkyTran stops are set for every 400 m of the street block, the speed is 160 km / h in the metropolitan area and 240 km / h between the cities. Although it is an interesting transportation system, it is going to be ridiculous if an accident occurs.

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