I wish I should stop but the car's movie that has become unreasonable and awful

There are people who change their character as they grip the steering wheel and have unreasonable driving, but it may be ridiculous if there are no people stopping next door. That's why I tried collecting movies of cars that actually became terrible.

Details are as follows.
A truck trying to cross a flooded river.
YouTube - Camionero desafia riada - Crazy Truckdriver

The towing thing is too heavy ....
YouTube - Car has too much weight

A car that runs with a splashed splash at the beach.
YouTube - Idiot driver

The bus which tried to avoid by the car which came out suddenly overturned.
YouTube - Idiot Driver Causes Huge Accident

People who fail trying to break through an automatic lift pole that is set to pass only the bus.
YouTube - Idiot Drivers

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