"Honey lemon" and "honey lemon cider" tasting review that directly reproduced the taste 25 years ago

Suntory was released in 1986 and boasted high popularity at the timeHoney lemon", Followed by the same series" 1989 release "Honey lemon ciderBecause it was resurrected, I immediately bought it and tried drinking it.

Suntory Honey Lemon

Firstly from the former hit product "Honey Lemon" (147 yen including tax).

Many people remember this package illustration as if they were painted with watercolors and pencils.

The side is also the same pattern, but it is a little slender due to the shape of the PET bottle.

Although this product released in 1986 skips a big hit, due to the fact that the product name was too simple, it was refused trademark registration, and as a result of the entry of many similar products by other companies,In 2000, "Honey Lemon" was integrated into the company's "Nyan" series, virtually eliminating the brandDid. After that, the deployment with "baby" brand was also finished, but by this reprintIt is sold as "honey lemon" for the first time in about 12 years since the end of sales in 1999It was decided.

Raw material names are saccharides (glucose sugar solution sugar such as fructose, sugar), lemon juice, honey and items as stated are prominent."Mellow Yellow"I felt it even when I drank, but recently there are fewer beverages that do not use synthetic sweetener, so it is rather fresh for those that are not lined up in the saccharide column.

I changed it to a cup. The slightly yellowish semitransparent liquid is certainly a color such as lemonade itself.

When I tried it, the sweetness that seemed slightly honey came first, and the flavor of the lemon chased afterwards. Since the aftertaste is somewhat sticky sweetness which seems to be sugar, it is the part that invites the most nostalgia, but since sweetness is not so strong, it can be drunk. In terms of personal impression, I felt that it is a taste of the honey "honey lemon" drunk a long time ago, yet it is a taste that can be drunk more reliably than the calorie-off beverage of today.

Next, I will drink "honey lemon cider" (147 yen including tax) of the series product released in 1989.

Here Illustrations with large lemon treats are used.

In 1989 it was reproducing the refreshing refreshing taste of the time.

Almost the same raw materials as "honey lemon". The difference is that without using sugar, all fructose glucose liquid sugar is used.

It looked yellow like it was in the package, but it was the color of the film wrapped around, it was actually whitish in color.

"Honey lemon" on the left, "honey lemon cider" on the right. The cider is whiter and the transparency is also high. The taste is "Honey Lemon Cider" more clear mouthfeel. Carbonic acid is bubbles finely and stimulation is somewhat intense, so it seems that sweetness is moderate accordingly. The fragrance of lemon and the flavor of honey still inherit the likeness of "honey lemon".

"Honey Lemon" If you want to miss the taste at the time of the boom, start by enjoying the standard "honey lemon" and try drinking "honey lemon cider" if you want a little more stimulation .... Recommended. Direction of taste is still different from recent soft drinks, and now I feel fresh when drinking, so please also try people who do not know the taste of those days or do not know.

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