Calendar with sexy male librarians' skin color pin-up "Men of the Stacks"

Although there are various types of people naturally as "a male librarian working in a library" in a bite, many people imagine a stereotype such as "a man who made naked eye glasses wearing glasses because of poor exercise." Should Men of the Stacks is the project that stood up to change the tight preconceptions of those people. They made a puny calendar with pinups of 12 attractive librarians.

Men of the Stacks

January charge is Zack. Pisces living in New York, my hobby is bicycles.

Eric in charge in February. He is a digital service manager managing libraries' websites and others. I like a half marathon, I love donuts and exploration.

Brett in March. He is a director of public libraries.

Mario in April has a bachelor's degree and a degree in library informatics etc. at various universities.

Sol in charge of May graduated from Arizona University in 2004. By the way, I married a woman and I have three children.

The rugged body Von going to the gym is in charge of June. I earned a master's degree in library informatics from the University of the Philippines.

Steve in July. I live in Chicago and have been a standard of librarian and have a professor's face. He likes music very much and he is giving a lecture on rock history to children who are five years old.

Trevor in charge of August who moved from Jamaica to New York at the age of 13. I am a librarian at the university library on the east coast of the USA and my hobby is cooking.

Josiah in charge of September grew up in North Carolina State and took a bachelor's degree in psychology. By the way, the dog never got in the way while shooting this picture.

Damon from Chicago in October. He has worked in the library for 11 years and he seems to enjoy exercise, music and making sweets in his spare time.

Megan is also responsible for November. I love salmon so much and I am acclaimed that it is "perfect food."

Gabriel in charge of December decorating the last. My favorite color seems to enjoy pink and black, soccer and snorkeling.

All sales of the calendar are "It Gets Better ProjectIt is calledLGBTWill be donated to online video channels that will support young people.

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