Solution 6 to solve the troublesome and tedious task


While making work and study while making a "doing" list, contents that somehow feel bored come out, it becomes a trouble to put hands on, it will stay as it is Is not it? There are six ways to get rid of troublesome tasks that might be helpful at such times.

I devised this method as an athlete who strives hard training every day. Even for athletes who train themselves physically and mentally, there are things that are weak and disadvantageous in the day-to-day training as well, and that is what they invented to effectively accomplish them.

6 Ways to Tackle Boring or Irritating Tasks - by Dumb Little Man

1: I do not think too much about unpleasant tasks

BySean dreilinger

Troublesome, the more you are aware of the tasks you do not want to do, the more difficult it is to raise your waist. When you are busy with other things, it is something you do not mind too much, even if you have troublesome tasks.

In the case of the athlete who is the author, he said that he was training in the afternoon after office work on Tuesday, but in the afternoon he was concentrating on work and conversation with colleagues while working He said he did not suffer much much about the training menu which is a bit weak.

It is surprisingly robbing of energy to conscious that "I do not want to do it", so it seems good to try different things without thinking that I do not like it so much.

2: Think about an alternative method


For example, if the task of "cleaning the inside of the house" is a danger, let's consider a different approach from the procedure that has become customary. If you usually do cleaning from the kitchen, this time it is important to try to change from the living room, and so on.

The troublesome task is disgusting because it imagines what it is most likely, so even if the order of change is changed, the impression will change and motivation will be more likely to occur. I am tired of doing the exact same course of training over and over, but changing just the place and way is the same as increasing durability and motivation.

3: Tidy up as soon as possible


It is an item that seems to be hard ... if you can do this ... If you do not mind doing something for a troublesome task, you can allocate that energy to other things, so clean up as soon as possible It is a good idea to put it.

This athlete seems to be devised so that weak training will go on Tuesday at the beginning of the week and will not carry over the bad mood to the rest of the weekday.

4: Split the task into several stages


In order to prevent prolonged tasks from being delayed, please divide troublesome tasks into stages and make them into several smaller tasks.

If it is a task such as "write a report", instead of cleaning up in one day, try to divide it by page as "Writing 3 pages a day" or "Try on one hour a day It is also a good hand to try to divide it by time with time.

As a common point of troublesome tasks, there is a big problem that you do not know where you should put your hands on, so you can start by subdividing the problem in this way, you can digest tasks faster I will.

5: Encouraging yourself to undertake


Sometimes I feel a self-hatred for myself who can not readily undertake troublesome tasks, but do not forget that for many people the tasks you think are boring are too. Getting started is the most difficult thing.

On the contrary, once you have your hands on your work and the momentum gets momentum, I think that it will be difficult to stop midway. Please encourage yourself to try it only for 5 to 10 minutes.

6: I remember past experiences

ByDraconian Rain

It is easy to forget when you have tasks you do not want to put on hands, but everyone should already have the same tedious task cleaned up. Remembering past experiences, I guess you remember that there was nothing to say after completing troublesome things.

When troublesome tasks are raised, hurdles to undertaking should be much lower by thinking back on the good feeling felt when clearing similar tasks in the past as much as possible before thinking it is disgusting.

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