Fly to Paradise "music by virtual choir made by collecting about 5,900 singing voices all over the world

5,903 people in 101 countries worldwide created 8409 movies under virtual conductor with webcams, smartphones, tablets etc from each house, the magnificent of the virtual choir corps born from those movies Music is "Fly to Paradise"is.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise - YouTube

A girl sitting on the desert sand. The movie starts from where the girl stands up from the sand.

Beyond the sand is the building street.

The girl enters a city that is not popular.

Then, the woman's face is reflected on the monitor, and the woman starts singing the song.

After a while, the appearance of people in the window in the city.

Moreover, the command by Eric is also reflected.

Foot ... ... and the images that were displayed in the window disappeared at once.

And a girl walking while a solo singer sings a poetry, a volley, and a solo singer.

But in the puddle the face of people.

A girl smiling unexpectedly.

I will glide back at a glance.

Harmonious beautiful harmony.

Looking closely, little feathers grew on the back of a girl.

Walking in a singing voice ......

Feathers grow bigger and bigger.

A girl looking up.

A skyscraper extending to the sky high above the line of sight.

Stand on the roof of the building.

Looking around the situation ......

The city which was not popular and quiet was undoubtedly overflowing with singing voice.

Spread the feathers ...

I will fly away.

Looking down, there is a beautiful city shining colorfully.

Flying through the city.

The solo part of the woman who was singing first.

Music goes to climax.

And the girl soared high in heaven.

this isEric WhitacreA project mainly conducted by a conductor named Mr. Masaru. It was created with 8409 movies by 5903 people including 101 countries, Western countries and Asia as well as singers of countries of Iran, Syria, Africa. The singer who participated was the youngest 6 years old, the oldest 98 years old, the race, creed and skin color varied, but only participating in one "to be a part of big things than yourself" Thing.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

For the project, a woman named Britlin Losee sings herself "Sleep"Eric posted it on YouTube to Eric, and Eric, who was impressed with the movie, started contacting Mr. Losee. In another place, the conductor Scott HainesLux AurumqueI made a command with a movie called "Movie" and made the first virtual choir by calling out to the person watching the movie to sing a song, but Eric, who was impressed with the action, from Losee said "Sleep "And started an attempt to conduct with a virtual choir.

The way the virtual choir sings Sleep is as follows.

Eric Whitacre - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 2.0, 'Sleep' - YouTube

And the virtual choir grew bigger and bigger and at the beginning it consisted of 185 singers eventually reached 5903 people. The following are the singers who are participating in the choir.

When sending a cursor to a photo, singer information will be displayed.

You can actually listen to singer's singing voice by clicking on the picture.

In addition, it is possible to see the map of where the singers participated from anywhere in the world.

Map - Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

Several people from Japan also participated.

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