"TIGER & BUNNY" final times screening of hot air that makes you feel "NEXT"

All-night event that took place from 0 o'clock on September 18 to 5 am"TIGER & BUNNY final screening event" TIGER & BUNNY ~ Thank you! And thank you !! ""We will send you an event report.

Despite being held late at night, more than 23,000 people visited the venue nationwide. Moreover, the number of viewers on Ustream outside the venue was seventy-seven-thousand strong, and it was the result that confirmed the popularity of the work such as kicking out the record highest record. Also, not only in terms of numbers, but also the content that the producer and cast cast to their works and characters to their fullest, and the fans take it warmly, it has become a very enthusiastic content.

Events are roughly divided into three parts, the first part is a cast of cast cast. The event began with Wild Tiger / Takigi, T, Tora Toru, Hirata Hiroaki and Narration from Renatey / Yuri Petrov / Koji Yusa. "Those who become sleepy after 12 o'clock of TIGER & BUNNY, Tora Toru!", Cheers from the audience seats at Balto 9 and theater 9 at this venue to the interactions that started with familiar phrases at the next edition of this volume Among them, Yusa says Yuri's voice saying, "I will spare no cooperation for you," spoken to the lines in the works, and there was a loud voice coming up.

After that, I was caught in the narration of Toru Tsu and Yuri, and Sunrise Masayuki Ozaki Executive Producer (Ozaki EP) appeared on the stage. After introducing himself / herself with the next notice, "Ozaki is the one with many disappointment among producers", more than 23,000 people came to the venue, with 45 screens of theaters as venues starting from the main venue It is reported that it is carrying. I was thankful for the audience seat.

Later Torao said, "Heroes will go for help from now!" Hirata and Mr. Yusa went to Dan. Mr. Hirata appeared hugging the rabbit stuffed animal. "Blu-ray Volume 2 release memorial eventBut I held a rabbit stuffed animal, but this time I had a product made exactly like what appears in this volume 5 episode.

Two people who took the stage say, "Tiger and Bunny 's short lashes, Tora Toru is the shortest one!" "The latter half (2nd cool) is better than the first half, Yuji Petrov role Yuza Koji" And greet the next notice as a new reminder. Recording also finished in a blink of an eye, and if the last episode of the 25th episode to be shown in the near future finishes in no time, we will tell about the reluctance to the work.

A question called "Which episode remained in the impression?" Was cast in two casts, Mr. Hirata raised the fifth episode where the heroes struggle, including Toraori, to celebrate Burnaby's birthday. In the second cool story? In response to the question "I can not talk about the last episode", while talking about laughing, the way the running up was overall was a great work.

I thought that Yuza was a favorite work on the whole, and cited the 16th story that I saw a glimpse of Lunatic's past. Since the Runateic past was written in the character setting that Yuusa first received, there was a part which was played by the viewer as well as the co-starred, and when the recording of the 16th episode came, the shoulder load It seems that it felt like I fell down.

Special message from Mr. Seiichi Morita, who was not able to participate in the event because of being in Kochi on another job, was screened. With the headband of my own rabbit earsBurnaby T-shirtMorita wearing a wrist band of goods imitating a hero's PDA on his / her wrist appeared to be "Bernaby who is in Kochi today without being in the venue!" After talking about his thoughts on the work, in the voice of Burnaby with the voice of Burnaby played as "Mr. Sakamoto Ryoma started to move in Kochi, Mr. Torao, I'm going ahead, please keep the lunatic so that it does not come out!" Afterwards, winking while saying "See ya !!!". I left a sense of presence in a sense more than the two people in the venue.

After the image flowed, Ozaki EP cried out "Mr. Morita" Thank you "Thank you! And thank you!", "I wanted to say that!", "Surprise guest Sky High / Keith Goodman, Mr. Takeshi Inoue appeared on the stage. While being caught in a big cheer, in a voice of Sky High he cried out, "Leave this to me! Scyny ...... Hi ha ha ha !!!", he had the gaze of the venue as a monopoly.

And, "Greeting Inoue Tsuyoshi's sky high I got as we went to the second half!" Greetings. Mr. Inoue's appearance has been decided quickly, but on Twitter check-in to Ustream as usual, and there is no doubt in the production of the surprise, such as showing the appearance as if it does not come to the guest was.

Inoue also asked "Impressive remnant episode", but answered that it is the 15th story where Sky High's love pattern was drawn after pretending to be "Nahari". This time he says that Mr. Hirata likes it next to the fifth episode. Inoue said, "I do not deny saying that sky high is delicious, so it's a good story."

Sky high is a popular character, but what makes it a big element is a lot of quotes represented by "Thank you! And thank you!" Inoue commented on dubbing, "I've played too much since the 5th episode, I am sorry." In the times when there were only ordinary lines, I talked about why I was desperately looking for ad-lib to say "I can not get it, I will get mad at that," for some reason I talked with a bold tone.

Cast Talk ends with time here. Mr. Inoue talked about the character who plays his mind strongly with the character played by all the casts, and how he was playing importantly how Torato was playing Tetsujiri. And in the end is "Sky HighS. H. FuuartsI am the one that I want the most. Let's try reservation war! "Inoue-san's tightening greetings, which touched the work together with the audience through Twitter, became a talk.

As Yuza played a delicious place (although he said that he was less attractive) as "I was playing it while feeling the enthusiasm of the maker," he said from Yuza I want to engage in business, "he also expressed motivation for future developments.

Mr. Hirata talks about the impression that he played Tora Toru for half a year, "Mr. Hirata really feels like running past", he says, "When meeting the director, this work certainly will hit There was something, but I did not expect to be honest so far, and the director was saying so, I am surprised by the tremendous excitement. "I'm surprised and appreciating the growing popularity of the work It was.

Although the event venue of this event has been extensive, it was impossible to prepare the venues of Shikoku and Okinawa, so we asked "NEXT" by saying "I will do an event in some way, Shikoku and Okinawa!" It became a greeting greeting.

Commemorative photo after casting. Three people of this pose pose.

Because RUNACTIC is a dark hero, it is not naturally made into goods because it does not have a PDA on its arms like other heroes. In the casting of the wrist band of each role, there is only one Yusa san's wristband, so one piece that is wielding his watch as a PDA.

Here is a shot of full of fighting spirit.

In the second part after the screening of the 24 th episode, the production team develops a story behind "TIGER & BUNNY". Ozaki EP who was in charge of continuing moderation from the first part, in addition to Tora Toru style clothes, shaved the beard with a toilet during the break and reproduced the beard of Tora Toru, attracting attention from the audience seats.

Production teams who participated in the talk are producer of Sato Keiichi, series composition of Mr. Seiji Nishida, Masakazu Katsura of the original draft character / hero design, Masayuki Ozaki EP and Mr. Tamura Kazuhiko Producer, producer Matsui Chinatsu of Bandai Visual.

From the left Ozaki EP, Sato, Nishida, Katsura, Tamura Producer, Matsui Producer

Staff talk develops vigorously from the beginning. At the stage when Mr. Katsura performed the character design, the story behind the fact that I was not informed of the setting including detailed discussion and did not even know that he was married, so that the wedding ring was not drawn was also performed. In fact it was at the stage where discussion was being fought as to whether or not a daughter should be present, but Mr. Katsura had been booing while making a joke, in a situation where settings were made in places where he was not familiar .

In the work there are 8 heroes and dark hero's lunatic, but from Tamura producer, he is actually the 10th hero "Zen BeastIt was revealed that existed. Despite being a hero who was conscious of Zen in Japan, it entered the owner because it was an origami cyclone and a slightly wearing existence.

Katsura remarked that he was suffering the most when he was making a character design for the hero. Since the setting was almost blank in the ordering stage, we submitted a huge number of rough sketches, with few clues. Katsura's "TIGER & BUNNY" book collection released from the regular edition on October 28 includes all the rough images from Toragori's idea sketch stage, another candidate for Tora Toru's ability is also written As it is said that the person you care about is in the midst of nowpre orderPlease try to.

A variety of new facts were revealed in the Q & A section that answers questions gathered from viewers through Twitter in advance. In response to the question that "Is there any intention in being the unification of the hero's initials with Takubo, T, Toraori (K · K), Burnaby · Brooks Jr. (B · B)?" Actually, at the beginning Tottori was told that it was a character name "Basty". Even candidates for the program name also had two initials and there was "THE BB". In addition, because he called the heroes "seekers" meaning "those who trace criminals", it is also a story that it was a title candidate as it was.

Matsui producer pointed out that "Busty" has the meaning of "big tits" although the name was almost fixed in the name. So I adopted another idea of ​​using the name of the sword and it seems that it became the name of Tora Toru at the moment.

As a glimpse of this episode, "TIGER & BUNNY" was decided from the beginning as well as works to be expanded overseas, so consideration is given so that there is no problem in the name of the character when aired in other languages I will. Every time I decided on something, Matsui producer was studying the meaning in detail. The real name of each hero has decided the name by the image of nationality, for example, Carina (blue rose) is taken from the name of the Northern European people reminiscent from the ability to manipulate ice.

"The thing that changed gradually from the original schedule though" Thai Bani "which became more and more popular after the start of broadcasting?" Was the question of the existence of Rock Bison. Even in the stage of 1 episode, the sponsor logo was more impressive than any hero, and it was said that it became a topic to be called by the sponsor name rather than the character name to the viewer, so he added words to the last. Also, in the beginning of February, the screenplay was written and the main line was firmly decided, so it seems that there was no major change especially after the start of the broadcast.

In addition, Iwan who had not been decided character design until the end became a handsome character in the hope of Matsui Producer Tatto, now in the form. Although Mr. Katsura heard about Iwan's setting such as "cancellation", he redraws with the aim of becoming a handsome guy who dares to eat the hero. Because the setting picture was finished in handsome too much, the eighth story that Iwan becomes the leading role was set, and Jake edition was to be developed a little later than planned accordingly.

Both of the main characters are the owner of "HUNDRED POWER (the ability to make all physical abilities 100-fold only for 5 minutes)", which was decided by Mr. Nishida's request, initially with separate abilities did. Burnaby was a capability of "instantaneous movement" that allows you to move between space-time images from a rabbit image. However, there is a limitation such as not being able to cross the steel plate, and Sato said "I will not get interesting without it and become universal."

"In the previous interview" The response of overseas is the same as in Japan ... "was answered, is it a dubbed overseas broadcasting? In addition, in the scene where Torao Toru can not speak English at the next notice , How do you reproduce in the English-speaking world etc? "Answered from Ozaki EP. Broadcasting abroad is mainly in North America, in addition to that in the UK, Australia and France, it is popular enough to break through 1 million PV in North America at the end of August. Overseas broadcasting is a subtitle version, broadcasting on the same day with only a few hours of gap between Japan and Japan. Regarding the next announcement, there is no subtitle in North American broadcasting, and Toragi shifted to Japanese from the middle trying to speak in English, he told that overseas people are interested in it It was.

Mr. Nishida cited the episode as the impression of episode 7, and Tamura producer revealed that it took 10 months to produce only this time.

Not only Ms. Nishida but Katsura was satisfied with the result and he was deeply moved to send Mr. Tamura 's impression to Mr. Tamura because the action scenes were particularly numerous and finished very nicely. Although Mr. Katsura thought that he was enjoying about the story development, he was also told that Torajiri's action scene with the first thought is less than I thought, and I wanted him to play more active.

Mr. Katsura was originally supposed to be responsible for only the design of the hero suit, but in the end it will also design the living heroes. Meaning meaning each time folding paper cyclone It is a character born by offer of girls of the supporting role which is known as the supporting role girls, known as "Mobuko" Mr. Katsura's design, the image of a beautiful girl painted by Katsura as it is is.

Staff talk is over here. Although the countdown until the start was a little unsuccessful, the 25th story to be the final story was flowed at the theater's big screen simultaneously with the timeline of Twitter's "#tigerbunny" tag. At the end ""Event" TIGER & BUNNY "HERO AWARDS 2011" as the first event "TIGER & BUNNY" NEXT PROJECT "Was posted on the screen, and Ozaki EP also revealed that the adjustment is currently in progress so that live viewing can be performed at the theater like this event, in addition to this venue.

Although we are looking forward to seeing the course as a matter of course, the audience seated applause for each scene and the cheers also rose, so the audience seemed to be united and watching the way of battle between Tora Toru and Burnaby. And despite the mobilization of more than 20,000 people in the event, Ustream's maximum PV number on this day did not decrease, but rather increased rapidly, resulting in a record high record of more than 77,000.

Finally, the staff who appeared on the talk again entered.

Tamura producer says, "I am glad to see you this way today, I'd be happy to create (" TIGER & BUNNY "), so please do not hesitate to contact us", commenting on a burnaby jacket that will be on sale was doing.

Director Sato said, "It is a member who gathered to make this work to energize the world.The people who were suffering from the disaster, such as Twitter etc." I get strong power every single day " Well, I thought that I would take this work to the last without bowing, so I'm glad that you are finished as far as the end so I'm happy that everyone, for half a year Thank you very much for your continued tai - bani "Please expect from the future of the staff as well," while talking brightly, there were scenes that got touched by tears even though it acted brightly.

Mr. Nishida said, "It was my first animation script, but it was good with" TIGER & BUNNY. "The production period was more than 1 year, it was fun at the stage of book making.I now is such a time, but beautiful I tried to make it with a feeling not too much, and I'd like to try writing Tora Os · Burnaby's dialogue. "I was talking with a smile.

Mr. Katsura got a rabbit at the first part with Mr. Hirata's rabbit. "I started to understand what I was drawing, but I've been enjoying it as a fan for a long time," while saying that the other staff are settling down, Blu-ray (First Press Limited Edition) and DVD I was laughing that "There is still a feeling that I am still on the way to go live" to draw the original drawing of the whole drawable storage box that I draw as final reward benefit.

Matsui producer says, "Although this edition has ended, Blu - ray and DVD will be on sale soon, thank you for your continued patronage." There are also remarks to expect future development. Character song album will be released on December 7th. Matsui Producer and Tamura Producer concluded that it was the first time to serve as a producer of TV animation, "I will do my best in the future, so please continue supporting me."

Ozaki EP once again talks about the fact that he is advancing the project ahead of time, and then closed with a call and response with the audience seat "Thank you! And thank you!" After that "Selection Screening" screening the carefully selected contents from past times was done, and the 3rd, 5th, 15th, 21st episode and the 25th episode of the last round were screened again.

To the last, a special message of Mr. Mr. Mr. Hirata wearing Tiger's T-shirt and Mr. Morita wearing a Burnaby T-shirt was sent, and it was regrettable, so I was showing motivation to do it again. And as a real tightening again Ozaki EP appeared "Tibani continues still! As the title of the last episode 25 episode, Tai Bani is Eternal immortality", commented, until 5:20 in the morning I showed gratitude to the fans who watched "TIGER & BUNNY", and this time it ended this time.

When I actually participated, it was an event that strongly felt the calorie due to the people who liked the work gathered and appreciated than the loneliness that came last round. Also in the comment of the production team "Cocode de Owaru Hazu Ganai Noni"There are many things that seems to have a will, so I'd like to expect the next project to develop.

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