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Typhoon No.15 landed near Hamamatsu City around 14 o'clock todayDid. At the time of landing, the center pressure is 950 hectopascal, the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 60 m / s, and when the person approaches Honshu the forces are weakening or there are cases where it is unusual and landed while maintaining a strong force. Even at 17 o'clock central pressure was 955 hectopascal and the forces were not declining,The railway network in the metropolitan area also has a big impact. Not only the wind but also the rain is very strong, so please be careful as there is a fear of landslide disasters.

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Photographers who recorded the atomic hydrogen bomb test of the US military without knowing the life and were buried in the darkness of history - GIGAZINE

A fusion of table tennis and football surprising, movies of new sports "HEADIS" playing with heading Various - GIGAZINE

Jeans originated in Italy, not in France or France? Roots are discovered from 17th century paintings - GIGAZINE

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There is a ridiculous DQN name at the childcare center where my son goes, but wwwww │ Kini's quick breaking news

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Shokabu Ebisa Tanabata Shotoku Sakura dream Moonlight Moon
Sakuragaa Hana Hana Misora ​​Laugh Love Love

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The first day of Sony Tablet sales is too severe to the funeral hall: Hamster bulletin

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Cute cats are good so please give me a picture of a cool cat - livedoor blog

I traveled to about 35 countries so I will photograph │ ___ ___ 0

I talk about the story of refusing to go to school with Menhera woman - a painful believer (No ∀ `)

VIPPER I: What is a site that sounds when it opens? Is it? Is it? Playful! It is! Is it? Is it? Is it?

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Succeeded in world's first "complete" artificial photosynthesis Toyota Central Research Institute - MSN Sankei News

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【On-site image】 Typhoon No.15 damage Damage in Tokyo

Typhoon is serious and worse. Wwwwwwww: Nikoniko VIP 2ch

Typhoon # 15: Kobe Electric Railway collapses on the slope and walks 500 m to the passenger station - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

Current affairs dot com: "From now on becoming terrible" = evacuee residents, uneasy dawn - Nagoya · Typhoon No. 15

Aomori Ringo's typhoon measures forward NHK News

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): nuclear power plant restarts until next summer, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura confirmed - society

Fujimura said, "In May next year, all of the nuclear power plants that accounted for 30% of the total electricity generated by the Great East Japan Earthquake will be stopped (due to periodic inspection), and the supply of electricity will become more stringent," Prime Minister's policy Explain that it is a thing with the power supply shortage in mind. In addition, he admitted it as a government policy.

"Drop of tea" suffered damage, requiring payment of 2.4 million yen: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Women purchased soap around May 2009. He began to feel breathless in a few months from the start of use. When continued to use as it was, there were symptoms such as strong itching, besides, it was difficult to breathe and I received an intravenous treatment. Although he stopped using it in July this year and alleviated the symptoms, it is said that a doctor diagnosed that there is a risk of suffering from breathing difficulties.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Restart business on the 26th day of the Tohoku and others' refrain from regaining dysentery - Society

President of Al Jazeera's resignation "Is it close to rice" exposure caused by MSN Sankei News

According to French correspondence (AFP), a whistle-blowing website "WikiLeaks" recently agreed that Al Jazeera will tone down the press coverage on the site and other sites in response to the request of the US government - Exposure. There was a doubt about the independence and neutrality of the station.

Current affairs dot com: Naomi Shiga's discovery of Kannon = Waseda University, Junichiro Tanizaki transferred

Rabbit rescues his family from a fire, but smoke suddenly rabbit killed - Livedoor blog - (· o ·) / Breaking News: (· × ·) "Husband!

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Quasi-iron, "Express" revives Large-scale diamond revision in October | Shizuoka Shimbun

We will operate "commuter express" on the New Shizuoka area and "express" on the Shinshiro area, respectively, only during the morning 6-8 o'clock time which falls on weekdays commuting and school hours. The time required between Shin - Osaka and Shinsui water is 16 to 17 minutes, which can be shortened by 5 to 6 minutes compared to the regular train in the same time zone.

On the method to make people trust - G.A.W.

Three characteristics of those who do not fall in love subjects | Gion hostess's net business challenge blog

For women who are favorable
In order not to let it end with a "good person"
Do not make "wall" !!

To the extent that it is not thoughtlessly
Self-assertion is important (`· ω · ') ゞ

Basics of email writing power is important, but 77 rules that no one will tell us (Japanese business publishing company) Summary of bugpe ~

· Hurry → First
· Was it good? Is it OK?
· OK ~ I got it, I got it to you
· Busy, busy places → frequently used places
· It was fun → I had a good time, I had a lot of fun
· I would like to say → I want to say

Sell ​​even items that can not be sold Black · Text Fundamentals | Web Contact Forum

It smells so badly that the nose bends, bitter to feel nauseous, the ocher color is color. Moreover, it is hard to swallow in a large tablet shape, and the dietary effect of the key is not enough. Clearly it is not something to sell. But what would you do if you had to sell this product as a web representative?

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ミクシィ、株式会社ネイキッドテクノロジーの全株式を取得 << 株式会社ミクシィ

Mikushi Co., Ltd. President Mr. Kenji Kasahara Comment
"We are extremely pleased that members of Naked Technology Co., which boasts a lot of excellent engineers and boasts high technical capabilities, will join the group.Many of the members of Nakedtechnology only have high technical capabilities We strongly believe the value and the possibilities of social graphs and planning and developing services, and in the future we will be able to develop services in a position closer to our company and will demonstrate higher technical capabilities than ever We will continue to strengthen our investment in start-ups and other venture companies. "

ASCII.jp: Reasons why the cloud note "KYBER" born in Japan is great

Runner's watch which has improved practicality with wide liquid crystal and high brightness LED - 2011 - News release - CASIO

[News] Release HDD and SSD equipped with 20 times of USB 2.0, 12 times FireWire 800, next-generation interface "Thunderbolt" realizing overwhelming high-speed transfer of "10 Gbps"

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Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: "Item billing is no problem even if the balance is broken. If you sell equipment that can instantly kill charges without sacrificing it, it will buy waste people" - Livedoor blog

"TIGER & BUNNY" Ozaki P is impressed with fried rice overseas! In return, Thai Bani Cafe wants to realize in the near future: Moe Ota news bulletin

"Ghost in the Shell" "Eden of the East" Kenji Kamiyama's new feature film, obviously at the cinema events -movie News: CINRA.NET

Advertisement of 'Uta Pre' on the TV typhoon live shows www: Moe Ota news bulletin

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Mariko Shinoda: 2nd generation "Janken queen" tears first center to "a nice single" - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): AKB48 · Yuki Kashiwagi's costume is stolen Metropolitan Police Department investigated - Society

According to the Juvenile Incident Division, in November last year, employees of the office found Kashiwagi san's stage costume on Internet auction. The office said it bid back for 300,000 yen and bought back. After that, it was found that it was stolen from the related facility of the office where it was kept, it said that it issued a damage report to the agency.

【Image】 Becky Cruel (16) gets amazing growth This is erotic RIDE THE WAVE 2ch

Former · Morning Musume. Kusumi Koharu "Job change" new model to the magazine "CanCam" exclusive model News - ORICON STYLE -

When Kuzumi announced Haropro graduation, he declared "I would like to challenge the model which is one of the things I want to do in the future."

Visual premiere of the drama "Youkai Human Bem"! Co-star Merorome (Kamenashi Kazuya) in Fukun's Vero appearance News - ORICON STYLE -
A visual that is already familiar to humans.

The high school soccer championship qualifying unexpected judgment 1-2 had finished the game, the result is 3-2 ... net big storm - footballnet 【2channel soccer news conclusion】

Actor 's size More not involved in arrest violence incident - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

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"Mintia honey ginger" new release! | News Releases | Asahi Food and Health Care

"One satisfied bar sweet potato cake" new release! It is! | News Releases | Asahi Food and Health Care

"Asahi Hot dedicated gold tea 16 tea PET 275 ml" New Release | News Release 2011 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

(PDF file)Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo Tokyo Branch Yunnu new launch

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