"TIGER & BUNNY" final round screening decision and relay at the movie theaters nationwide

Popular animation which is currently being broadcast "TIGER & BUNNY"Will celebrate the final round on September 17, and it was decided that an event will be held to watch the final round in theaters at Tokyo / Shinjuku Baltic 9.

Also in the work Sunrise handled, the event was held in advance "Gintama cherry blossom festival 2011 (temporary)In the same way, you can watch the state of the event at the movie theaters nationwide at the same time. In addition to 1 prefecture 3 prefectures as well as from Hokkaido to Kyushu there are plans to be screened in quite a lot of prefectures, so events and relays are held at a total of 34 buildings, making it easy to participate in those who are difficult to reach the theaters in Tokyo It has become. It is quite a large-scale deployment as an all-night screening at a movie theater, and it makes contents that makes you feel awkward at the beginning of popularization that was not anticipated at the beginning of the airing.

As far as ordinary is concerned, it is thought that tickets are comparatively easy if there are so many screening houses, but since items that sold out "TIGER & amp; BUNNY" related items are being sold out on the same day, This event ticket is probably expected to be sold out on the same day in many theaters probably.

The most prominent example was released when popularity began to soarBlu-ray First Press Limited Edition Vol.1. Since there was still nothing from the start of the airing, people who were waiting for reservations continued, and after the selling out, the transaction price soared to about 10 times the price at the net auction.

Product image in the state with the special bookcase drawn down drawing Katsura Masakazu of Blu-ray first-time award. The first volume is Wild Tiger that Takuboku, T, Toragori was decorating the jacket, this product may still be one of the reasons that boasts a strong popularity.

Also, Bandai's mobile figure "S.H.Figuarts Wild Tiger"S. H. Figuarts Burnaby Brooks Jr."S. H. Figuarts Rock Bison"Even though it is the longest, it is highly popular that the reception will be sold out within 10 minutes of reservation start, and many more popular characters will be released in the future.

S.H.Figuarts Wild Tiger

S. H. Figuarts Burnaby Brooks Jr.

S. H. Figuarts Rock Bison

In addition, limited edition "S.H.Figuarts Wild Tiger" is bundled with original masterpiece of character Masakazu Katsura "TIGER & amp; BUNNY ~ Masakazu Katsura original picture & amp; Rough picture collection ~ (First time bonus version)"Because the reservation was rushing, what was scheduled to be released on 28th October 2011 (Friday) was postponed until the February 10th (Friday) 2012 release,Weekly Young Jump Official SiteIt was announced at. Although we do not accept new reservations, it is only for booking completion until 18:00 on Friday, July 22, but we will accept cancellation until Friday, September 30, 2011 Because it is, it may be possible to resell depending on the quantity.

The limited edition "S. H. Figuarts Wild Tiger" sponsors the logo not the SoftBank but the script of the main partMasashi NishidaMr. Masakazu Katsura's story about Mr. San's idea, "TIGER & amp; BUNNY" It has become the one of "Weekly Young Jump" that posted comic strips.

Regarding the holding of "Final round event" from nowSunrise Ozaki Masayuki Producers' tweetsAlthough it was touched by etc etc, what was officially announced was after 21 episodes on MBS and Ustream on August 21.

Twitter / @ TGERandBUNNY: 9/17 The first event in the Twitter show on the screen at the last event? We will screen. It will be implemented when 24 episodes corresponding to BS 11 and 25 episodes of MBS & amp; USTREAM are screened. We also release the murmurs on the site.

According to the event guide page added to the official site, the event name is "Tiger & amp; BUNNY final times screening event" TIGER & amp; BUNNY ~ Thank you! And thank you !! ~ "and a popular character's sky high decision snooze It is quoted from.

TIGER & BUNNY final times Screening event "TIGER & amp; BUNNY ~ Thank you! And thank you !! ~ held decision! | TIGER & BUNNY (Tiger & Bunny)

Guests are Mr. Hiroaki Hirata of Wild Tiger / Takubi · T · Tora Toru and Mr. Koji Yusa of Renatik / Yuri · Petrov. In addition, although the name of a specific person did not come up, I could also listen to "the story by the staff".

It is not a special measure for the event that 25 episodes of the 24th episode and the last round are screened at a stretch but it followed the order of the broadcast so far. "TIGER & BUNNY" broadcasts the latest episode at MBS and Ustream, which will be held around 25:58 on Saturday, followed by the same content at TOKYO MX from Tuesday at 23, and from Saturday almost one week after 24:30 The contents of the same time are broadcast on BS 11 ... is broadcasted in the cycle ...... It is thought that the event will progress with the flow of following the latest talk with MBS or Ustream after tracing the previous time with the broadcast at BS 11, so as to trace the cycle even at the event.

It seems that Twitter's tweets are displayed on the screen at the same time at the time of the main screening, so it seems as if you are watching Ustream broadcasting on a big screen as a feeling.

The overview to be referred to when directly participating in the event is as follows. The reception of pre-orders has already begun, but since it is a lottery rather than a first-come-first-served basis, we can still apply. By 23:59 on Tuesday, August 23,Corresponding page of EpurasuFrom September 4 (Sunday) at 10 o'clock just after pre-order, general sale will be carried out on the same page of Epplus after the ticket purchase right is allocated from among those who applied from lottery. The general release will be purchased on a first-come-first-served basis as well as other concerts. By the way, the venue will be Theater 9 (429 seats), which has the largest capacity among Shinjuku Baltic 9.

By the way,According to the Tokyo metropolitan ordinance, purchasing a ticket is impossible because you can not enter the theater where all night screening is performed even if accompanied by parents under the age of 18Please be careful.

【Date and time】
September 17 (Saturday) opening: 23 o'clock / from 24 o'clock to 24 o'clock / / concert: 5 am on the next morning (planned)
Shinjuku Baltic 9 Theater 9
Sunrise, Bandai Visual Cooperation: NAMCO BANDAI Live Creative
【Event contents】
Screening 24th & 25th episode, talk show, etc.
Hiroaki Hirata (Wild Tiger / Takubo / T / Tora Toru role)
Koji Yusa (Renatik / Yuri Petrov role)
4,800 yen (tax included)
【Ticket sale】
Started pre-order from 26:30 on August 20 (Saturday)
General sale from Sep. 4 (Sun)
イープラス http://eplus.jp/tigerandbunny0917/
Shinjuku Baltic 9 03-5369-4955

Next, the outline of simultaneous relaying (live viewing) at a national cinema which relays events at the same time is as follows. The price of the ticket is set at 3000 yen, cheap 1800 yen from this event. The pre-order period is not established for the tickets of the relay venue, and as with the tickets at the event venue, purchase reception starts on September 4 from 10 o'clock on a first-come-first-served basis. Even municipalities other than the Tokyo metropolitan area, admission to the minor all-night screening hallYouth Protection OrdinanceIt is forbidden, so please be careful not to purchase tickets.

【Event name】
"TIGER & BUNNY ~ Thank you. And thank you! ~ Live Viewing
【Date and time】
September 17 (Sat)
Opening 24 o'clock / / Closing: 5 am the next morning (planned)
3000 yen (tax included)
【Ticket sale】
Sale on Sunday, September 4 (Sun) from 10 o'clock
イープラス http://eplus.jp/tigerandbunny0917/
T. Joy
Please see the theaters list below.
Please contact each movie theater for inquiries

The theaters list of the whole country is as follows. Please check if there is a theater corresponding to the area where you live. The event venue Shinjuku Baltic 9 is also included in the list, but this is to establish a live (live viewing) venue apart from the event venue.

◆ Hokkaido
Dinos Cinemas Sapporo TheaterTEL: 011-221-3802
◆ Aomori Prefecture
Aomori Corona Cinema WorldTEL: 017-783-5081
Miyagi prefecture
109 Cinema's ToyaTEL: 022-358-2109 (Wednesday, September 14) Reopening)
◆ Tokyo
Shinjuku Baltic 9TEL: 03-5369-4955 (live viewing also performed)
T · Joy OizumiTEL: 03-5933-0147
Kanagawa prefecture
Yokohama Burk 13TEL: 045-222-6222
TOHO CINEMAS OdawaraTEL: 0465-46-0550
◆ Chiba
T · Joy Soga043-209-3377
TOHO Cinemas Nagareyama Otaka ForestTEL: 04-7178-2255
Ibaraki Prefecture
Cineplex Mito029-300-7070
Cineplex Tsukuba029-839-0000
Gunma prefecture
109 Cinemas TakasakiTEL: 027-325-0109
T · Joy Niigata Ten thousand generationsTEL: 025-242-1840
T · Joy NagaokaTEL: 0258-21-3190
Shizuoka Prefecture
TOHO CINEMAS HamamatsuTEL: 053-413-6666
109 Cinemas NagoyaTEL: 052-541-3109
Anjo Corona Cinema WorldTEL: 0566-74-9311
Kasugai Corona Cinema WorldTEL: 0568-33-1340
Gifu Prefecture
TOHO Cinemas Morela GifuTEL: 058-320-5770
Ishikawa Prefecture
Kanazawa Corona Cinema WorldTEL: 076-266-5757
Toyama prefecture
TOHO Cinemas Fabor ToyamaTEL: 076-466-1700
◆ Fukui Prefecture
Fukui Corona Cinema WorldTEL: 0776-52-5675
◆ Osaka prefecture
Umeda Buru 7TEL: 06-4795-7602
Kyoto fu
T · Joy KyotoTEL: 075-692-2260
◆ Hiroshima
Hiroshima Baltic 11TEL: 082-561-0600
T · Joy Higashi HiroshimaTEL: 082-493-6781
Shimane Prefecture
T · Joy cloudTEL: 0853-24-6000
◆ Fukuoka prefecture
T · Joy HakataTEL: 092-413-5333
T · Joy River Walk KitakyushuTEL: 093-573-1566
T · Joy KurumeTEL: 0942-41-8250
◆ Nagasaki Prefecture
TOHO CINEMAS NagasakiTEL: 095-848-1400
Kumamoto Prefecture
TOHO Cinemas Light ForestTEL: 096-233-1145
Oita Prefecture
T · Joy Park Place OitaTEL: 097-528-7678
Kagoshima prefecture
Kagoshima Mitte 10TEL: 099-812-6662

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