Sleipnir Mobile for Android official release of Android OS web browser

You can also use the cloud service "Fenrir Pass" which makes it possible to automatically synchronize the bookmarks of various Sleipnir for Windows / Mac / iPhone / iPad, and by flicking by how many tabs are opened, tab Web browser for Android OS that allows you to quickly navigate pages with one hand, such as switching from one tab to the other, deleting tabs just by moving your fingertips (gestures), restoring closed tabs, etc.Sleipnir Mobile for AndroidThe official version was released today.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android - a web browser for Android that allows you to manipulate pages lightly with your fingertips

I understand what kind of function is available by seeing the following movie in one shot.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android - Web Browser - YouTube

Gesture looks like this

Other things possible with gestures

By flicking the tab down and closing it immediately By using the function "FlickWipe", it is possible to close unnecessary tabs immediately

Other tab operation functions are quite excellent

Bookmark synchronization is also possible

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