"Ringu Pengudrum" prize, Yomi's linen sheets and figures, diary also

"The 49th Amusement Machine Show"Prize fair" co-sponsored, "Ring PenguindrumPrizes (prizes such as crane games) appeared. So farPlush toys of penguins No.1 to No.3 were announced as the prize of the lotteryHowever, among the things you saw this time, things that have never existed are announced, such as figures of appearing characters and linen sheets, and even those with motifs that serve as the key to the story motif.

The product was lined up at the Taito booth, but because I was not able to do any shooting because the editor 's permission has not been received yet, I will tell you what kind of products will be in the future with letter information.

◆ Alarm clock with audio (scheduled to appear in January 2012)
An alarm clock using a completely recorded voice for this product. It was probably because the dialogue was "survival strategy ~!", "I will strategize survival if I do not wake up", so it seems that the voice of Miho Arakawa of Mr. Takakura Yomi is used.

Illustrations on the whole are used on the dial, and there are two kinds of patterns. One is "Ringing Pengram - Commissioning Manual Official Starting GuideThe ups of the coronary leaves and Arama used in "and the ups of Yomogi drawn separately are docked patterns, the body of the watch is red. The other is the main pattern of the Princess of Crystal, the back is the image of the beginning of the "Survival Strategy" scene at the beginning is used, the watch body is yellowish green.

◆ Co-sleeping sheets (scheduled to appear in February 2012)
Large sheet with long side about 210 cm, reversible type. Illustration of Yomiko of Negridie dyed his cheek looking at the top while holding the right hand forward on one side. On the other side, Illustrations drawn from the low angle are adopted as the princess of crystal which is gathered while observing with narrowed eyes narrowing like this.

◆ Takakura Yumi & amp; Oginome 苹 舞 PVC Figure (Scheduled to appear in March 2012)
It is a figure of about 17 cm in height, two kinds of Yoritomo and fruit (apple) appeared. Although it is not yet in its original form, although the completion schedule is shown in the illustration, this is also under supervision, so it is said that there is a change plan.

At the moment, Yomimi's figure is holding a penguin 3 with one hand, holding a penguin cap with one hand and lifting his left foot lightly. When I went to the aquarium in the first episode, I found a high-west A line skirt on striped shirts. Although he wears a penguin cap, his face is not that of Princess of Crystal, but a cute expression that knows it as Yomari.

Fruit is a passing pose that wraps herself in the school uniform of a school girls' high school and raises her left foot slightly. While winking with a smile, I have a diary on my right and a bag on my left. Because it is an illustration with a very dynamic feeling, it is becoming looking forward to three-dimensionalization.

◆ Music Box (scheduled to appear in March 2012)
All three kinds, all made like books, music boxes that are used in the work when opening the cover are music boxes.

On the cover of the music box where the OP theme "Nornil" flows, the illustration of Yokomi is embedded in the center of the pictogram in which the arrow is circled, with penguins 1 to 3 on the ring, Penguins and people, pictograms of the subway are decorated. On one side of the spread is Yomari sleeping with a pillow and another side is an illustration of key view coronary & amp; Arama which is also used for alarm clock.

The cover of the ED theme "DEAR FUTURE" music box is an illustration from the side looking at the princess of crystal with full of dynamism, from the side, a part extracted from the illustration of the official starting guide. The facing is the up of the princess of crystal.

The music box of "ROCK OVER JAPAN" flowing in the "survival strategy" scene is the same design as the diary requiring recaptulation as a result of fruitfulness, Princess of Crystal is the key to "survival strategy". The facing picture has a rather complicated structure, and it is difficult to understand the difference between Yomari when first wearing a penguin hat, fruit of a dress of a delusional scene, deformed double H, and corner leave and Arama which is not a texture face Illustrations are matched like a collage.

By the way, this diary has a diary

Saturday, September 17 (Saturday) is a general open day and anyone in the booth can see it, although it is a photography prohibition, so if you want to see the ping drum prize earliest, "49th Amusement Machine Show" in the venue Please visit the "Prize Fair" Taito booth.

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