I tried to eat and compare all six burgers in Moss all over the country at the same time

So far"Tarecut burger""Hatchoba Miso Chicken Burger""Bif and burger"And three kinds of Moss' local burgers, and three more kinds are planned to be added from September 16 (Friday), but these hamburgers are planning to add one store As I had the opportunity to eat at, I went immediately and tried comparing six kinds of burger at the same time.

MOS BURGER | NEWS - [Store only] I also want to eat products in other areas! In response to such customer's voice 6 products are released all at once!

MOS BURGER | Japan 's health and Moss! 2011

In the Moss Burger Osaki shop, I knew the campaign which can eat regional menu nationwide at one store, or already a queue was made before the sale at 11 o'clock.

I tried all hamburgers one by one for the time being.

As a second step, I'll eat it from a hamburger that will be added from September 16 (Friday). First, Hokkaido and the Tohoku region will be sold "South Berry Zangi Burger" (340 yen)

The main ingredient of Hokkaido style fried "Zanghi" is deep-fried.

The taste of "Zanghi" itself, the taste of seasoning such as soy sauce and miso used in sauce is strong, I also feel the fragrance of garlic. The delicious chicken meat texture is also good. Overall, each element of the taste is quite solid, so I feel intense the taste of the first mouth, but as I continue to eat it makes me want a drink for a while. According to Moss Public Relations Department's story, this seasoning is tailored to the Hokkaido · Tohoku area of ​​the sales area where the seasoning of dark eyes is preferred, so it may feel slightly salty for people in other areas.

"Chiken Namba burger" sold in Kanto district and Niigata (350 yen)

Miyazaki specialty chicken soba is, but this time it seems to be a dare release in the Kanto region. I have plenty of mayonnaise.

Sweet vinegar creates on thick clothes. The clothing is soft and has a delicious chicken, it has excellent compatibility with sweet vinegar with gentle sour taste and mayonnaise. I feel that it is complete as chicken barbarian unit. Because the whole taste is gathered mildly or bread has become a perfect taste, I felt this is the best personally.

"Southern Burger Burger" sold in the west of the Kansai region (340 yen)

There is sesame in the clothes.

Although the acidity of the sweet vinegar sauce is an accent, I felt that the sourness was stronger than the sauce of "Chicken Namba burger", which was originally cooked with sweet vinegar. Soy sauce has a strong sesame clothing and fragrant tooth touch. The breast of the chicken being used is moderately moist. I also received the impression that sweet vinegar and mayonnaise had been fighting slightly in terms of sourness, so I felt that I wanted to eat with fried chicken alone.

From here we will eat the hamburgers we ate before. The eating response of "Bif and Burger" (350 yen) sold in Kansai, China and Shikoku was crispy and it was as I ate before, but after eating "South Bistro Zangi Burger" And the seasoning of the sauce etc. was quite easy and I felt it in the eyes.

"Hatchoba Miso Chicken Burger" being sold in Koushin, Shizuoka, Chukyo and Hokuriku districts is quite eating response with a juicy chicken with a source of moderate bitterness. While there were a lot of cutlet-made burger, eating meat as it was also fresh feeling.

Finally, "Tarekatsu Burger" (340 yen) which is currently widely sold outside Koshin, Shizuoka, Chukyo and Hokuriku districts. The meat inside the katsu is surprisingly moist, and two can be eaten sidebited against the appearance full of the volume of the tortoise. The taste of the sauce was perfectly matched to the tonkatsu and it was a taste of security. Since it will be sold in Koushin, Shizuoka, Chukyo and Hokuriku district after September 16 (Friday), it seems to be sold in the widest range.

By the time we left the store, the day sales of "South Berry Zanghi Burger", "Hatchkisu Miso Chicken Burger", "Bif and Burger" was finished. It seems that hamburgers that can not be eaten in neighboring prefectures are popular. Tomorrow Saturday, September 10 (Saturday) will also be sold at the same time from 11 o'clock to 14 o'clock, so nearby people please go to all the country's limited burger.

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