Baumkuchen stuck on the stick, sweets summit Limited items eat ~ Take out ~

At the venue of "Kobe Suites Summit 2011 autumn & amp; winter"Each pastry chew made me crispy pastry made with arm.As a result, I ate the remaining event limited sweets that I took home without eating at the venue, so I will deliver details such as taste and appearance.

Kobe Sweets Summit [Kobe Suites Summit]

First of allPortopia Hotel"Petit shoe". You can enjoy 5 types of small cream puff, vanilla, raspberry, mango, matcha, praline.

This is Matcha. When I tried it, there was no bitterness but there was a certain matcha taste. It is a light taste like Matcha Jelly etc. rather than full-blown tea.

Next is raspberry. It is distinctive sour taste which seems to make the fruit strawberry flavor a little more tasty.

And praline. Somewhere it flavors like coconuts. I certainly have a taste and I got a strange feeling that I do not know exactly what it tastes though I also feel sweetness.

This time it is vanilla. It is a cream puff that strongly pushes out the flavor and milkiness of vanilla like we did in the last few years. It is a classic taste of not feeling much brand newness.

The last is mango. You can enjoy sweetness with a fruity feel different from the sweetness of vanilla. It was just too sweet, not too tight, but not too thin.

The sweet stuff stuck in this stick,JuheimLollipop baum. Baumkuchen is stuck in a stick.

First of all, from here. The red chips are acidic and accented, but they are not so noticeable because the taste of chocolate is strong.

The green chip is on this place, the scent is slightly matcha style. However, the taste itself is chocolate Baumkuchen itself.

There are walnuts here and you can enjoy a strong texture, but chocolate is still too strong on the taste side, so it will not remain in the impression.

A crisp, cereal style thing produces good tooth touch, but because it is small in quantity, it was not enough to change the taste vector of Baumkuchen.

The end is almonds. There is something of almond chocolate flavor at ice, but it tastes similar to it. Although the taste of chocolate Baumkuchen itself is good, none of the chips kind is small and I feel not much change in taste.

The one in the pink boxBaby FiveThanks Roche.

There were sweets that were subdivided in the box.

I will take it out.

First off from the white one. The fabric has a cocoa flavor and slightly almond-like fragrance. It feels like eating white chocolate and black chocolate together.

Is this a chocolate? There is richness as if you are eating another kind of chocolate with chocolate. I felt the strong bitterness of cacao.

Because the cocoa flavor of the dough is strong, I do not clearly know the taste, but a feeling like a pudding remained a little.

It has a yellow-green color like a melon flavor.

The last thing is red one. Sour taste like strawberry and raspberry is clearly felt, and it will disappear after a while if it moves forward. Because it is compatible with cocoa flavor, personally it was the most delicious.

The fourth suite,Grameau DeedsGateotoo.

Strong chocolate sticks to the back. The pattern is also stylish.

This is peach. I am surprised to see the green tinge, but it certainly tastes of peach. It is a feeling that the contrast of crispy black tea flavor fabric with crispy chocolate on the bottom is good.

This time is lemon. You can enjoy a strange feeling as if you are chewing lemon peel with sugar.

I think that it looks like a strawberry flavor because it looks pretty red, in fact Chai. It has a flavor like sweet tea as it is macaroon style, it is certainly chai.

It is vanilla. It melts in the vanilla ice cream and it becomes a strong sweetness but it is a rich vanilla flavor that reminds me of that taste. Because the flavor of vanilla beans is strong, if you like vanilla you may be dying.

The last is Earl Gray. Because the fabric is also black tea flavor, I thought that the feeling of black tea is rather strong, and it turned out to be a caramelish taste by sweetness.

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