Automatic warping machine compatible with USB "Okashi (OKYO)" appeared, can be combined and separated for carrying

Automatic warping machine that automatically reads anytime, anywhere by incorporating a battery and a speaker "Thank you (OKYO)"Has appeared.

It seems that some people will feel complicated for such digital products, but last year"Digital Buddhist altar" which also corresponded to online distribution of sutraSince it appeared, it may be a flow of a certain era.

OKYO automatic warping machine | OKYO |

This is the "sorry (OKYO)" main body. The size is 105 mm in length × 48 mm in width × 13 mm in thickness (upper part), 74 mm in length × 99 mm in width × 25 mm in thickness (lower part), equipped with a 300 mAh battery. Wakashirokishinori Masanobu Maeda family Daisho clan preliminary installing seniority of Kenshin Temple that is a family temple and selling price is about 19,800 yen.

The back is like this. There is a 1.5 W speaker at the bottom. Also, since it has volume buttons, play and pause buttons, voice data skip buttons, etc., it is possible to cope even when there are visitors during reproductive life.

I looked up from the diagonal. In addition, letters can be changed to desired denominations only for orders of 200 or more.

Body upper base. The miniUSB terminal, the power switch of the speaker, the USB terminal for head connection are carried.

It is also possible to think about carrying, separating the top and bottom.

It has 2GB USB memory and you can also change the sutra just by transferring the MP3 file from the personal computer.

If you do not dare say anything with no body or lid, it will be said to be "a built-in speaker built-in speaker", but it is unlikely that you will be willing to listen to J-POP or Anison in truth.

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