A single image that enables smartphones to see at a glance the brawl of a muddent lawsuit

Currently not only in the intense legal struggle between Apple and Samsung but also in the smartphone market there are brawls of litigation in the muddy by manufacturers, but these are summarized in a single figure.

There may be users who think that "battle of lawsuit is between companies and not to consumers much", but there is also a possibility that terminal price will rise as payment of patent fee is approved It seems to be good to know what kind of state each company is in now as it can be thought fully.

The Knowledge Effect | Mobile Patent Suits - Graphic of the Day

According to the official blog of Reuters communications company, it is said that which manufacturers sued which maker and which examples there are counterproductions are put together in one infographic graphic.

This is its infographic. The red arrow means "lawsuit", the blue arrow means "lawsuit against each other", and the green arrow means "licensing technology." And at the moment Apple is holding the most projects, pending with Samsung, Motorola, HTC. In other words, it has become a situation where you are fighting with the manufacturers that are emerging on the Android platform.

IncidentallyMotorola bought by GoogleIs pending not only with Apple but also with Microsoft, we can see that the purchase plays of this time have a big meaning even from the aspect of litigation battle.

In addition to lawsuits between "platform suppliers and terminal manufacturers" such as Microsoft and Motorola, lawsuits among handset manufacturers broke out, such as Ericsson and Huawei, sued by ZTE, a Chinese-based emerging manufacturer. Is not it quite interesting that the point that I am having?

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