A hotel overlooking the earth from space will be opened in 2016

A Russian company "Orbit Technologies"Is planning to build a hotel" Commercial Space Station "that can look down on the earth from the space of about 350 km in altitude. The hotel is scheduled to open by 2016.

Commercial Space Statio n: Russian firm Orbital Technologies reveals hotel plans | Mail Online

This is the image of the space hotel "Commercial Space Station". The capacity is seven and there are four rooms in the room.

The hotel is a Russian space ship from the earth "Soyuz"It will be built in the place that takes two days by riding the rocket. In addition, accommodation expenses totaling about 76 million yen, including transportation expenses by Soyuz and accommodation costs for 5 days.

Because the universe is zero gravity, hotel users can choose either a vertical bed or a horizontal bed. Although the shower is a sealed type so that water does not leak, it seems that it is quite comfortable as it is being made in time with the soaped sponge etc. at the current International Space Station.

Meals are prepared by warming up ones prepared on the earth in a microwave oven. It is not a freeze-dried food in a tube that a conventional astronaut can eat, but delicacies with mushrooms on the cheeks of a calf, bean puree, potato soup andPlum compoteIt becomes a meal such as. Drinks such as iced tea, mineral water and fruit juice are also offered, but alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Rooms are equipped with binoculars and a camera so that you can enjoy magnificent galaxy views. The toilet uses air without using water. The waste water is recycled and air is returned to the guest room after removing odor and bacteria through a filter.

During your stay, experienced crew always supports travelers.

The hotel will also be used as an emergency shelter for astronauts working on the space station.

Sergei Kostenko, who is chief executive officer of "Orbit Technologies" building a hotel, said that we plan to stay far better than the conventional international space station used by astronauts, "We planned The hotel is comfortably comfortable compared with the International Space Station, and I can say that I can look down the earth from a big window. " By the way, the hotel's target is with the people of the rich and the private enterprises studying space research.

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