Blue Origin, led by Jeff Bezos, reveals the concept of the commercial space station 'Orbital Reef'

The space development company Blue Origin , founded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has announced plans to build a commercial space station, the Orbital Reef. Orbital Reef is said to be a facility that can be used for commercial purposes such as research and development, tourism, and movie production in outer space, and is aiming to start operation in the latter half of the 2020s.

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Blue Origin | Blue Origin and Sierra Space developing commercial space station

Blue Origin unveils plans to build a private space station called Orbital Reef by 2030 | Space

Bezos' Blue Origin announces plans for private space station

Blue Origin is focusing on space travel and other commercial services.In July 2021, founder Bezos boarded a Blue Origin spacecraft to complete space travel , and in October. William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in ' Star Trek: The Original Series,' also made a space trip.

On October 25, 2021, Blue Origin built a commercial space station 'Orbital Reef' in collaboration with Sierra Space, a space development company independent of Sierra Nevada Corporation, an aircraft and spacecraft development company. Announced plans to do. Orbital Reef, orbiting the Earth's low earth orbit, will provide the end-to-end services and technical support needed by space travel beginners to drive the growth of new ecosystems and business models in outer space. ..

'For over 60 years, NASA and other space agencies have been developing space flight and residence in orbit for more than a decade,' said Brent Sherwood, vice president of advanced development programs at Blue Origin. The commercial business is on track. ”“ We provide amenities and services to increase access, reduce costs and make space travel common. Vibrant business. The ecosystem will grow on track, creating new discoveries, products, entertainment and global awareness. '

In addition to Sierra Space, Orbital Reef is backed by space exploration companies and universities such as

Boeing , Redwire Space , Genesis Engineering Solutions , and Arizona State University. Sierra Space will manufacture expandable habitation modules, Boeing will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Orbital Reef, and Redwire Space and Genesis Engineering Solutions will be responsible for solar arrays and small spacecraft for extravehicular activities. Will be manufactured.

According to Blue Origin's announcement, Orbital Reef will begin operations in a 'baseline configuration' consisting of power systems, core modules, residential modules, scientific research modules, EVA spacecraft, etc. in late 2020. is. The internal volume in the baseline configuration is 830 cubic meters, and a maximum of 10 people can live in it. The International Space Station (ISS) has an internal volume of 916 cubic meters, and the baseline configuration of the Orbital Reef is smaller than this, but the Orbital Reef will continue to expand by connecting additional modules. ..

The orbital reef has a large window facing the earth, and travelers can comfortably enjoy the micro-gravity space while seeing the beauty of the earth. The orbit is at an altitude of 500km, which is slightly higher than the ISS, and sailors can see the sunrise and sunset 16 times a day.

Commercially developed, owned and operated as a 'multipurpose business park in outer space', Orbital Reef provides a 'low earth orbit address' that can be used and rented by everyone, including transportation of goods, electricity, and electricity. We will also sell services necessary for business such as cooling equipment, high-band communication, and security. Blue Origin says that at Orbital Reef, it is possible to do business that matches the user's vision, such as movie production under microgravity and sales of 'space hotels'.

Orbital Reef also provides a spacious laboratory necessary for basic research and application development, time rental for engineers working in space, and a dedicated closed hatch module for physics, biology, and so on. He explains that earth science, new product development, testing of exploration systems, etc. will be easier than ever.

Three days before Blue Origin announces Orbital Reef, low-Earth orbit commercials include Nanoracks , Voyager Space , and Lockheed Martin announcing plans to build the private space station Starlab. Space development is accelerating.

It has been pointed out that the ISS, which has been used as a manned experimental facility for many years, is aging in recent years. To Russia, which plans to withdraw from the ISS in 2024, the United States has proposed an extension of operations until 2030 , after which private space stations are expected to take over. NASA is a 'commercial low-Earth orbit and Development (CLD)' program in 2021 July publication has said, and to implement the funding for the commercial space station developed for businesses of 2 to 4, orbital Reef Finally, he hopes to secure NASA funding.

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