A plan to launch coffee beans into space and plan to roast the beans with heat at the time of entering the atmosphere

People who stick to coffee are particular about how to roast beans, as well as bean production areas and varieties. Dubai's startup " Space Roasters " has a plan to launch coffee beans into space and to roast coffee beans using the heat of entering the atmosphere.

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Why creating the perfect cup of coffee really is rocket science | Food | The Guardian
https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/jan/26/coffee-beans-perfect-roast-outer-space-- rocket-science

Anders Cavallini and Hatem Alkhafaji, founder of Space Roasters, both have a master 's degree in space science at Strasbourg University in France. The two have plans to launch rockets to outer space only for the purpose of "making perfectly roasted coffee beans".

You can see what the plan of "roast coffee in outer space" is, see the movie below.

Space Roasters Promo - Bringing an Out-of-the-world experience to the people of UAE

Space Roasters used organic coffee beans.

Coffee beans are hand picked and stick to the quality firmly.

Coffee beans are airborne by plane, but this is not the end.

Coffee beans are loaded in rockets ......

It is launched into outer space.

Rocket is not for doing something in outer space, it is only fired for the purpose of "roasting coffee beans" to the end.

In space, we separate "coffee roast capsule" that we got a patent.

Capsules with coffee beans rushed from outer space into the atmosphere.

As the atmosphere re-enters from the vacuum, a violent heat is generated, so the capsule looks like a fireball. Use the heat of such reentry ... ...

In the capsule, coffee beans are roasted in weightless state.

The capsule opens a parachute as it approaches the surface ... ...

Landing on a safe place such as the sea.

There are roasted beans in the capsule ... ...

Purchasers can drink coffee using beans roasted in outer space.

According to Mr. Cavallini and Mr. Alkhafaji, when roasting coffee beans on Earth, it is likely that beans will be consumed by gravity, although coffee beans do not have to be taken out of space and roasted on Earth. Rolling and contacting the surface of a hot roaster, the beans burned. However, the two insist that beans can float in the air by roasting in a zero gravity state, and it is possible to heat 360 degrees equally.

Approximately 300 kg of coffee beans will be loaded in the capsule, and it will be launched to the height of 200 km from the ground surface by the rocket. Coffee beans are roasted at about 200 degrees in the pressure tank for about 20 minutes at the time of reentry into the atmosphere. They are looking for a private company to cooperate in launching a rocket.

It is unknown what the price of a cup of roasted coffee in the zero gravity state at the moment is, but the two want to launch the first coffee beans in 2020.

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