Espresso machine "ISSpresso" where you can enjoy a coffee break in the world's first universe

Coffee maker which accounts for 43% of the market in ItalyRavazzaAnd technology development companyARGOTECButISA(Italian Space Agency) to develop a capsule extraction type espresso machine that can make espresso even in a zero gravity space.International Space StationFrom being used in ISSISSpresso"It is named.

2014: Coffee in space

Astronauts to brew coffee on space station with ISSpresso machine | collectSPACE

An Italian astronaut who frequently works at ISS for 13 years said, "It is espresso coffee that I miss the most when I am on the ISS." Although it was not possible to make espresso which requires high pressure and high temperature in weightless space so far, Lavazza and ARGOTEC signed a public-private partnership with the Italian space agency, and in order to improve the eating habits of the astronauts, a full-fledged espresso I developed an extractable espresso machine "ISSpresso".

Depending on the laws of physics and fluid dynamics, ISSpresso uses sophisticated technology that can apply liquid to high pressure and high temperature even in space environment. 400 steel stainless steel tubes are built into the machine, not ordinary plastic tubes. The size is 43 × 42 × 36 cm, the weight is 20 kg, and it is now a prototype stage, but it is an espresso extracted with a large amount of water about twice as much as usual by the capsule extraction methodLungo, And you can also offer beverages such as tea, green tea and soup.

Since November 2014 ISSPresso is planned to be adopted by the International Space Station, ESA female astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is planning to experience espresso on orbit for the first time.

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