The world record of "number of people who took shower" was updated to 152

Number of people gathered in the Wally cosplayCompete,The size of ice creamCompete,Number of people riding a motorcycleThe human race has competed in the world in everything in everything. As one such battle in the world, this time it seems that the world record of "number of people who took shower together at the same time" was updated.

They've cleaned up! Scores showering together on the beach in Bournemouth break world record | Mail Online

The stage of the new world record was the beach of Bournemouth located in the southern part of England. The gathered 152 men and women gathered under the shower of about 6 m in height and bathed water all at once.

There are 145 world records until being broken by this record, and the thing done two years ago in the state of Illinois in the United States was the largest.

Participants running to the installed shower.

Anna Orford, a certified Guinness World Record, said, "Their record established a new record as the number of people who took the shower at the same time in the same place, celebrating all the participants I will tell you. "

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