Aya Hirano, officially officially announced retirement / transferring of "office from now"

On August 12 (Friday) around 20:10Aya Hirano Official blog "AYADAMA""It was decided to quit Spacecraft Entertainment Co., Ltd. that belongs to the office there," "I am worried about the fans anymore by the accidental work that can also be called the earliest miracle that overlapped many times If not going to translate, the schedule will be announced today and I will announce it today. "" Informed that the office who will take care of next is also decided ", the announcement was posted.

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First of all let me apologize.
Various speculations flutter on the net etc, and we are very worried about everyone who is cheering us from day to day.
I'm sorry.

On top of that, what I will talk about from now is the unmistakable truth and I would like to make this comment an official announcement.

This time, I decided to quit Spacecraft Entertainment Co., Ltd. which is my affiliated office.

Actually, as my birthday passed, I offered to quit immediately and discussion began, and discussions did not progress smoothly and repeatedly discussed.
The biggest reason is that directions do not match.
I think that you can understand it somewhat if you see the blog of March last year.

To Spacecraft, I am indebted to him since my debut with a child, so I will have spent more than half of my life.
Of course I have myself now thanks to Spacecraft, and I am deeply grateful for many experiences I have not been able to do so in various fields very much.

Closing the fan club Hiranojuku was requested from the office to write to the fans in writing in order to close it, but since I was acknowledged, yesterday it was already informed in advance I was very shocked to know.
First of all, I really apologize for not being able to tell from me.

Originally, as soon as the report came to the fan club, we planned to officially announce it on blog and Twitter on 20th, but due to the accidental work which can also be called the earliest miracle that overlapped many times, If I can not make a concern to worry more than that, I will announce the schedule earlier today.

The office who will take care of it next is decided.
I am indebted to last year's live, I have a very loving staff who understands my work very much and works with the motivation to work harder than anything else.

Of course, I will continue to do my best to support you more and I am looking forward to being able to work in a new environment.

Since we are discussing about future developments everyday, we should be able to announce happy news to everyone soon.

Thank you for carefully reading until the last though it became longer.

We will do our utmost to make future activities more attentive than ever.

Tsukasa, from now on

Please note that on Twitter around 20:24 "...... so translated so, thank you in the future m (__) mTweet "has been done.

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