'Child of the marine animal' depicting the magnificent mystery of life which starts from the sea and leads to the universe Special information pictures & key visuals are being released

An announcement picture of a feature animation of an animation production company STUDIO 4 ° C , feature animation movie " marine beast child ", which is decided to be released nationwide on June 7, 2019 It has been. Original manga by the same name by Igarashi Daisuke who was also selected as the 38th Japan Cartoonist Association Award Excellence Award and the 13th Annual Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Cartoon Division Excellence Award, the director is Watanabe Ayumi, music is Hisaishi Joe, major Cast is Awa Ashida, Yoka Ishibashi, Ai Kubozuka.

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The released key visual is below.

You can see the specials video of "child of the marine animal" from the following.

【6.7 Public】 "Children of the Sea" Teaser trailer - YouTube

Anzai Ruka watching while looking through the sun shining down by hand.

A smile from inside the aquarium tank is a boy / ocean wearing a mysterious atmosphere.

Translucent fish is overflowing from the tank lorry.

Huge eyes staring at jaws.

The sea which swims by grasping the arms of Ryuka.

Unlike a healthy burning younger brother 's sea, the older brother' s sky with white skin and blue transparent eyes.

"Child of marine animal" will be released nationwide on June 7, 2019.

It plays the voice of the starring Akai Ryuka, as a 14-year-old, Ashida Akina who is active in numerous films, dramas and commercials. Of the twins that hold the key of the story, the one who plays the younger brother's sea is Yoshi Ishibashi playing the hero's Miguel with "Remember Me", Kubozuka Ai flowing soon after debut to perform his brother's sky. Comments from each cast are also made public.

· Comment by Atsuta Ashida

"I wonder where I am at the beginning of life, I wonder what I think is my existential significance," I thought of thinking or wanting to know together with the same 14 year old Ryuka, and I let him perform. I was able to sympathize with her frustration that "I want someone to understand my feelings, I can not hit my feelings with my words well". Commitment of director Watanabe, I heard many of Mr. Igarashi's thoughts on the scene. I am pleased that you stopped at every scene and encouraged me to make works together through voice while facing the characters.

· Comment of Yoka Ishibashi

The first impression of this movie felt "real" because the colors of the sea and the cityscape are drawn very beautifully and delicately. I want everyone to see blue enough to be drawn into the movie world. And since the "sea" I played is a juvenile who expresses joyfully and sadly as it is, I think that I was able to enter the role by accepting the voice of now as it is. Since the breath of the "sea" has its own attention for every scene, I would like you to pay attention to that as well. Mr. Ashida, I also look forward to the first performance with Kuboku-san!

· Kubozuka Ai no comment

I want to challenge my first voice actor as a charm "sky" close to my age! And that my father likes "cartoon of the marine animal" very much, so I have no choice but to do it! I thought and challenged it. I am excited, I am thrilled that the performance has been decided. I have just started doing this work, and I'm wondering if a voice actor is good for the first time, so I'm worried that I can make it better, but I will make use of all the practices I've been practicing so far, and the director and Mr. Daisuke Igarashi of the original "sky" I think that I want to be full of it.

In addition, the message from the original author and the director was also released.

· Author's comment by Igarashi Daisuke

"Children of the marine animal" drew while remembering that it would somehow manage to shape things that would inevitably fade out when fitted to a clean mold.

The other day, I witnessed a little bit on the production site of "sound" not in manga. Mr. Hisaishi's recording of music is done while sending the image, the moment the sound got on the image, the world rose at once and became a feeling that I was swallowed by the sea breeze. In addition to magnificence, the image became a scene snuggled closely to the feelings of the characters that could not be drawn by the original work due to detailed production and drawing. Ashida Akina's voice was filled with a unique sound that draws people who hear, I became wanting to immerse in the movie world all the time.

Films and cartoons are entirely different expressions. But I think that the thought of "a child of a marine animal" can be shared with everyone who produced a movie. I can not wait to see the finished shape on a big screen! is.

· Director Watanabe Aki's comment

finally! I am very pleased that the time has come for you to see this movie.

To cut in with the original that boasts a solitary "depiction power", the staff who strictly adheres to "drawing" thoroughly carved the "cut" with one stroked stroke as a "scene" with the music that spun the cosmic rhythm Having dyed it up, Joe Hisaishi Sensei! "Drama" is interwoven by the best cast including Ashida -san, Ishibashi-san, Kuboku-san .... In this movie all elements are connected with high density. From the original which does not resemble anything, "a movie not resembling anything" was born. I am excited to make it ridiculous to write it as a word. A wonder of life and romance to look through through a girl of "14 years old". What does she feel at the end of this story ...?

I would like everyone to see it

◆ Work information - Original: Daizu Igarashi "Children of the marine beast" (published by Shogakukan IKKICOMIX)
Cast: Ashida Aichi, Ishibashi Yoko, Kubozuka Ayaki Director: Watanabe Ayumi: Hisaishi Jo Character Design · Overall Director · Director: Kenichi Konishi Art Director: Shinji Kimura
CGI Director: Kenichiro Akimoto Color Design: Miyuki Ito Acoustic Director: Hiroshi Kasamatsu Producer: Eiko Tanaka Animation Production: STUDIO 4 ℃
Production: "Children of the Sea" Production Committee Distribution: Toho Video Division Official Website: https://www.kaijunokodomo.com/
Official twitter: @ kaiju_no_kodomo
© 2019 Daisuke Igarashi · Shogakkan / "child of marine animal" Production Committee

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