[Old News] Tomoko Kawakami, a voice actor who played the roles of 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' Utena and 'AIR' Misuzu Kamio, died.

Tomoko Kawakami, a voice actor who has played the roles of Hikaru Shindo in '

Hikaru no Go ', Utena Tenjo in 'Revolutionary Girl Utena ', Fuyuki Hinata in 'Keroro Gunso ', and Misuzu Kamio in 'AIR', has passed away.

An official announcement is made on the blog of Production Baobab of the agency under the name of 'Representative Director Yurie Kanda All the staff'.

Production Baobab Desk Tweets: To Fans
http://baobab.dreamlog.jp/archives/4981754.html ( Internet Archive )

Tomoko Kawakami, an actor belonging to our company, died suddenly at 16:45 on June 9, 2011 (Thursday), unfortunately, while being treated for illness for some time.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for their great support during my lifetime.
Thank you very much.

Production Baobab Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yurie Kanda All the staff

Production Baobab Female Talent Tomoko Kawakami
http://pro-baobab.jp/ladies/kawakami_t/index.html ( Internet Archive )

Since the official website was not connected due to concentrated access, I checked with my agency, Production Baobab, and found that Mr. Kawakami died yesterday, June 9, 2011.

Tomoko Kawakami was born on April 25th. In 1994, while still in college, she made her debut as a voice actor in the TV anime 'Metal Fighter ♥ MIKU'. In 1995, ' Fushigi Yugi ' played the role of Zhangjuku, the youngest of the Suzaku Seven Stars.

The protagonist is 'Revolutionary Girl Utena, ' which was broadcast in 1997, and is famous for the role of Utena Tenjo, a girl who longs for a prince but becomes a prince himself and challenges a duel game over a captive bride.

Other representative roles include Hikaru Shindo from 'Hikaru no Go ', Akane Motomiya from 'In the Faraway Time and

Space ', Fuyuki Hinata from 'Keroro Gunso ', and Furinji from ' Kenichi, the Strongest Disciple in History '. Miu, Amber of 'DARKER THAN BLACK ', Athena senior of 'ARIA ' series, Misuzu Kamio of 'AIR ' and so on.

In 2008, I took a leave of absence from work due to poor physical condition and medical treatment for the disease, but during the fight against illness, such as the role of Fuyuki Hinata in

the 2009 movie 'Keroro Gunso Invasion Dragon Warriors!' There was also a job that recorded.

Perhaps because of this holiday, Kunihiko Ikuhara and Tomoko Kawakami, who were directors of Revolutionary Girl Utena, updated the 'Ikuni no Mel Tomozo Blog' in the form of an exchange diary, but Tomoko Kawakami was last updated in 2008. It was December 21st.

birthday! | ikuniweb

On Twitter, Ryuzou Ishino, who belongs to the same office, Ryoka Yuzuki, who co-starred at work, and Haruna Ikezawa, who said, 'We had a Keroro party together,' tweeted about this information.

When you hear the voice, you may say, 'It's the voice I met in some anime!'

Tomoko Kawakami Voice Sample --YouTube

By the way, here is the opening of 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' which is one of the representative works.

Masami Okui 'Round Dance-revolution' | Revolutionary Girl Utena | Opening --YouTube

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