I want to play in the summer vacation Highly appreciated new game released in 2011 release Summary

I usually can not do it because I am busy, but many people think that I will play a lot of games during summer vacation. In order to spend summer vacation of such a game, I tried gathering the games that were highly evaluated in various game reviews among the games released by August 2011.

In the summary of this time, the game magazine which was unknown"Famitsu"In addition to the cross review of the US major game information site"1UP.com","IGN", Gathering trailer movies of games and introducing them"GameTrailers"I pick up the title which got high evaluation from each.

※ Famitsu cross review (hereinafter, Famitsu) enters Platinum Hall of Fame (35 points or more), 1UP.com (1UP) is over A, IGN and GameTrailer (GT) pick up titles with score of 9.0 or more doing.
※ This time for the convenience of the amount, we exclude old applications etc. which started distribution with smartphone application and virtual console.
※ In the case of overseas release in 2011, the release in Japan is included in the list even in 2010.

◆ Title that won high scores in 4 reviews

In the title released in 2011, titles that won high praise at all of Famitsu, 1UP.com, IGN, GameTrailer's four sites are just one,Electronic Arts Companyof"Portal 2 (Portal 2)"It was only.

A gun that connects space "Portal gun" to aim for the goal, a piece with puzzle-like elements and FPS-like elements, its precise stage composition, individual characters and beautiful music are evaluated, I got a very high reputation. Development"Half life"Worked on series etc"Velve Corpporation".

Portal 2 (Portal 2)(Famitsu: 37 points 1UP: A + IGN: 9.5 GT: 9.0) PS3 / Xbox 360

·Portal 2 【Japanese version】 - YouTube

The title that won high scores in 3 reviews

Among the titles who regretfully missed high scores in one review, Atlas' new work "Catherine" got a prize priestly as a new title. Atlas' killer contents' Megami Tensei 'series is characterized by its characteristics overseas deployment since "Persona" series, but collaboration with Studio 4 ° C who was evaluated from overseas with Persona team and "Animatrix" The work won a high reputation abroad.

Also, Rockstar Games' "L.A. Noir" has received a high reputation as per the previous reputation.

·Catherine(Famitsu: 35 points 1UP: A IGN: 9.0) PS3 / Xbox 360

Catherine PV - YouTube

·L.A. Noir(Famitsu: 37 points 1UP: A GT: 9.1 points) PS3 / Xbox 360

"L.A. Noir" launch memorial trailer - YouTube

·InFAMOUS 2 (Infamous 2)(Famitsu: 35 points IGN: 9.0 points GT: 9.2 points) PS 3

Infamous 2 "Hero" trailer (inFAMOUS 2) - YouTube

·The Legend of Zelda Time Ocarina 3D(Famitsu: 37 points IGN: 9.5 points GT: 9.2 points) 3DS

【E3 2011】 3DS "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" - YouTube

·Little Big Planet 2(Famitsu: 38 points IGN: 9.0 GT: 9.3) PS 3

Little Big Planet 2 PV2 - YouTube

·Tactics Ogre Ring of Fate(Famitsu: 36 points 1UP: A + GT: 9.1) PSP

"Ring of Tactics Ogre Fate" Tokyo Game Show 2010 Trailer - YouTube

The title that won high scores in two reviews

Among the titles that won high scores in the two reviews, that"Ershadai"With the release on the same day, I put dirt on El Shaddai at first week sales"Patapon 3"Has won a prize.

·Mass Effect 2 (Mass Effect 2)(Famitsu: 35 points IGN: 9.5 points) PS 3

About the Mass Effect 2 About Mass Effect 2 - YouTube

·Patapon 3(Famitsu: 37 points IGN: 9.0) PSP

PSP Patapon 3 PV3 - YouTube

·Crysis 2 (Crisis 2)(Famitsu: 37 points GT: 9.1) PS3 / Xbox 360

Crysis 2 - The Wall trailer (v2) - YouTube

·Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy(Famitsu: 38 points IGN: 9.0) PSP

Dissidia Duodesim DISSIDIA 012 FINAL FANTASY FINAL Trailer - YouTube

·Ms. Splosion Man(1UP: A IGN: 9.0) Xbox 360 ※XBLAthe work

Ms. Splosion Man Debut Trailer [HD] - YouTube

·Dead Space 2(IGN: 9.0 GT: 9.0) PS 3

Dead Space 2 Lullaby Trailer [HD] - YouTube

◆ Earn a high score in one review Title

Just because you can not earn high scores in only one review does not necessarily mean it is inferior to the title that received high evaluation from multiple reviews. Mr. Hiroaki Sakaguchi wielded his skill as a director for the first time in 18 years from FFV"The Last Story", 38 points in Famitsu cross review, very high score has been acquired.

·Gather! Kirby(Famitsu cross review: 36 points) DS

[Nintendo E3] Nintendo DS Atsume! Kirby PV - YouTube

·Commentary powerful professional baseball 2011(Famitsu: 37 points) PS 3 / PSP ※ 36 points for PSP version

Jikkyou Powerful Professional Baseball 2011 Promotion Movie - YouTube

·Atelier of Merle ~ Alchemist of Arland 3 ~(Famitsu: 35 points) PS 3

【Merle's Atelier】 Gaming Dengek Thanksgiving 2011 Public Promotion Movie - YouTube

·Dance Central (Dance Central)(Famitsu: 36 points) Xbox 360

Kinect: Dance Central Full Motion Preview with Jessica Chobot - YouTube

·Nobunaga's Nozomi · Tendou with Power Up Kit(Famitsu: 35 points) PS 3

"Nobunaga no Yabou / Tendory with Power Up Kit" (PS 3 version) PV - YouTube

·Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional(Famitsu: 37 points) DS

"DQ Monsters Joker 2 Professional" Storefront Promo Videos - YouTube

·Dead or Alive Dimensions(Famitsu: 36 points) 3DS

3DS Dead or Alive Dimensions - NW2011 Trailer - YouTube

·Professional Baseball Spirits 2011(Famitsu: 36 points) PS3 / PSP / 3DS * 35 points for PSP version, 32 points for 3DS

Professional baseball spirits 2011 storefront PV - YouTube

·Ryu ga Gotoku OF THE END(Famitsu: 37 points) PS 3

"Ryu ga Gotoku OF THE END" trailer - YouTube

·True Sangoku Musou 6(Famitsu: 36 points) PS 3

"Shin Sangoku Musou 6" Promotion Movie 2 - YouTube

·Nintendogs + catsToy · Poodle & New Friends / French Bull & New Friends / Shiba & New Friends (Famitsu: 38 points) 3DS

3DS Nintendogs + Cats Overview Trailer (JP) - YouTube

·Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity(Famitsu: 37 points) PSP

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity New Trailer - YouTube

·To World(Famitsu: 35 points) PS3 / Xbox 360

【UBI】 Too World 2 - YouTube

·Tales of the world Radiant Mythology 3(Famitsu: 35 points) PSP

"Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3" JF PV - YouTube

·Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare(Famitsu: 35 points) PS3 / Xbox 360

"Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare" PV - YouTube

·WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011(Famitsu: 36 points) PS3 / Xbox 360

"WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011" PV - YouTube

·THE LAST STORY (Last Story)(Famitsu: 38 points) Wii

THE LAST STORY (Last Story) Introduction Video PV4 - YouTube

·Dragon Age: Origins(Dragon Age: Origins) (Famitsu: 37 points) PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC* Dragon Age has already released its sequel in North America and has won 9.2 points with Game Trailer.

Dragon Age: Origins - Violence Trailer - YouTube

·Dragon Age II (Dragon Age II)(GT: 9.2) PS 3 / Xbox 360※ Japan release decision, release date to be determined

Dragon Age 2 - Official Gamescom Destiny Trailer [HD] - YouTube

·Valkyria 3 on the battlefield(Famitsu: 36 points) PSP

Valkyria 3 of the PSP battlefield 3rd official PV - YouTube

·Hirameki puzzle Magical note of Maxwell(Famitsu: 35 points) DS

Hirameki puzzle Maxwell's mysterious note (DS) PV - YouTube

·Ghost Trick(1UP: A) DS

DS Ghost Trick Trailer (long ver) - YouTube

·Ilomilo(1UP: A) Xbox 360 ※XBLAthe work

[Xbox 360] ilomilo trial play [XBLA] (1/2) - YouTube

·Limbo (Limbo)(IGN: 9.0) PS 3

[Xbox 360] LIMBO trial play - YouTube

·Bastion(IGN: 9.0) Xbox 360 ※XBLAthe work* Although it is possible to download it in XBLA even in Japan, Japanese localization is not done.

Bastion - Official Trailer - YouTube

·Trenched(IGN: 9.0) Xbox 360 ※XBLAthe work

Trenched Trailer - YouTube

·Outland(IGN: 9.0) PS 3 / Xbox 360 *XBLA,PSNDeliver work

Outland - Reveal Trailer [Europe] - YouTube

·Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection(IGN: 9.0) PSP

PSP "FINAL FANTASY IV Complete Collection" Jump Festa 2011 PV - YouTube

·Let's Golf 3D (Let's Golf 3D)(IGN: 9.0) 3DS

Let's Golf! 3D - Nintendo eShop - Cinematic - YouTube

·DiRT 3(GT: 9.2) PS 3 / Xbox 360

DiRT 3 - Group B Rally Lives On Trailer Video (HD) - YouTube

·MLB 11: The Show (GT: 9.0) PS 3 / Xbox 360※ Japanese version not yet released

MLB 11 The Show Trailer - YouTube

·Mortal Kombat (Mortal Kombat)(GT: 9.4) PS 3 / Xbox 360※ Japanese version not yet released

Freddy Krueger joins Mortal Kombat - YouTube

·Fight Night Champion(GT: 9.3) PS3 / Xbox 360

Fight Night Champion - Debut Trailer - YouTube

·Killzone 3(GT: 9.4) PS 3

Killzone 3 E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer [HD] - YouTube

·Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds(GT: 9.0) PS 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Episode 3 Trailer (US Version) - YouTube

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