"Okamiden - Little Sun -" Capcom's "Okami" sequel on NDS officially announced

Today Capcom officially announced "Okamiden - Chiisaki Taiyo(lit. Legend of the Great God - Little Sun -)"the latest sequel to "Okami" franchise, originally released on PS2 console in 2006.

With its exotic depiction of ancient Japan and artful 3DCG, the game was awarded Grand Prize on Entertaiment Division of 10th Japan Media Arts Festival, "Overall Game of the Year" in 2006 on IGN. Could be another award-winning game coming to us.

Read on for detail.

According to the announcement, they will launch the latest sequel to award-winning action adventure game "Okamiden - Chiisaki Taiyo -" in 2010 on Nintendo DS console.

While player numbers(whether online of offline) and retail prices are not yet specified, they are going to exhibit this bewaited game at Tokyo Game Show 2009 starting from Sept. 24 held at Makuhari Messe. You can see special announcement on their special web site for TGS.


According to the game's official site, prequel "Okami" is also to be adapted to Wii game and released on Oct. 15.

CAPCOM:Okami Official Site.

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