Video of CAPCOM's "Okamiden - Chisaki Taiyo" came out on the Web

Togyo Game Show 2009 is only 2weeks away and Capcom recently unveiled two teaser video for their "Okamiden - Chisaki Taiyo(lit.Legend of the Great God - Little Sun)", the NDS sequel to the award-winning PS2 action game.

Read on for detail.

Here's the first video without sound.
Okamiden Video Game, TGS 09: Japanese Debut Teaser (Silent) | Game Trailers & Videos |

Protagonist "Chibi-Teras"

"Challenging mystery of the world with a buddy"

"It's the chronicle of one dog and a boy"

The 2nd video.
Okamiden Video Game, TGS 09: Japanese Debut Trailer | Game Trailers & Videos |


Peace was brought to Nakatsukuni by Amaterasu and Issun. But it only lasted for a few month. Again, Nakatsukuni is suffered by evil mind...

In-game video.

New character Kuninushi, probably modeled after an ancient hero Okuninushi

Kuninushi riding on Chibi-Teras

Cherry Blossom

The game will be displayed at Tokyo Game Show 2009 held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba. You can see some more information on their special web site for TGS2009.


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