Nintendo 3DS, available for reasonable purchase just before price revision

From Thursday, August 11, the Nintendo 3DS will fall from the previous 25,000 yen by 10,000 yen and will be sold at 15,000 yen, but it will be possible to purchase reasonably just before price revision It was.

Price .com - Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black Price Comparison

Price .com - Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue Compare Prices

According to the major price information site "", the lowest price of each color of Nintendo 3DS is 14,800 yen as of August 8, 18:00, but this is only due to price cuts on August 11 shipping The price in the case where minutes are reserved before the launch.

But what I should pay attention this time is "The day before the price cut is done, the price you can get by August 10". This is to connect the Nintendo 3DS to the Internet by 23:59 on August 10 and access the "Nintendo eShop", to relieve the feeling that "purchased quickly and lost" of users purchased before price drops "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador ProgramIt is because it is registered as a participant of

Cosmo Black model case. As of 18:00 on August 8, 18,800 yen is the cheapest and it is about 4000 yen higher than the lowest price after price cut.

The lowest price of Aqua Blue is 18,690 yen.

Incidentally, the title provided in the "Ambassador Program" is a total of 20 Nintendo titles including 10 Nintendo's titles and 10 Game Boy Advance titles. Considering that you can get 20 softwares by simply adding about 4000 yen to the main unit price, is not it a very affordable for those who feel attractive to the title being delivered?

Details of "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program" below.

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program | Nintendo Co., Ltd.

In addition, since the possibility that the Nintendo 3DS main body arrives after August 11 and it is not covered by the "Ambassador Program" is also sufficiently considered, so when you use mail order, please check the delivery date Please.

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