Nintendo 3DS further falls, with the absence of a large title, weekly sales volume is about half of PSP

Nintendo's latest handheld game machine "Nintendo 3DS" released in February this year does not cause chronic shortage of products, etc. seen in the first Nintendo DS etc, and it is showing that it is going down steadilyWe talked in AprilHowever, it became clear that it is falling further.

In addition, there are also absence of large titles that lead the unit's sales volume, so weekly sales volume has settled to about half of competing PSPs.

Details are as below.
Price .com - Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black Price Comparison

Price .com - Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue Compare Prices

According to the major price information site "", Cosmo Black of Nintendo 3DS is sold for 21,100 yen and Aqua Blue is sold for 20,117 yen as of May 22, 2011, most stores "In Stock" has become the display.

Incidentally,As of April 2, 2011 12:10For Cosmo Black sold for 20, 1998 yen and Aqua Blue for 22,470 yen, for Aqua Blue, it went down to over 1000 yen price drop.

Weekly Soft & Hard Sell Through Ranking (May 9th - May 15th, 2011) | Ranking of the Week | Media Creation

By the way, according to soft and hard sales rankings ranking from May 9th to May 15th 2011 published by Media Creation, which mainly deals with game business, Media Creation, sales of Nintendo 3DS are 18324 units, About half of PSP who sold 34555 units.

There is also the absence of such a large title as to be a detonator, and it is a slow pace spreading situation that has changed since the beginning of the first Nintendo DS, when the out of stock has continued and it took longer than the user's hand , Considering that big titles such as the Mario series will be released in the future, it is one thing to have a good time to look at the time and successfully purchase it before the price of the main body rises after the big title is released Is it not?

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