Google will offer Android 2.3 smartphone "Nexus S" free of charge for one day only

Google announced last DecemberAndroid 2.3 smartphone "Nexus S"It is clear that it is provided free of charge.

Nexus S - The new Android phone from Google

According to Google's "Nexus S" official page, it is said that on August 3 local time, the model is being implemented free campaign. Three telecommunications companies are Sprint, AT & T and T-mobile, but terminal prices are free, but both require a two-year contract.

The page of the biggest online shopping site "Best Buy" looks like this. Unfortunately it is not sold for Japan.

Nexus s - Best Buy

Although it is quite an interesting attempt, as Android 2.3 smartphones are prevailing, as a high-functional model such as "Galaxy S II" equipped with a dual-core CPU is also beginning to be lineuped, even if it is free, hesitated It is a fact that there is such a person.

And as we are releasing the "Nexus" series in cooperation with manufacturers every time we upgrade Android OS, we will integrate tablets and smartphonesNew version Android "Ice Cream Sandwich"Whether Nexus series adopting the future will appear in the future is also worrisome.

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