"The 5th generation new iPhone appeared in October rather than September," media companies all together

Apple's "iPhone" which was released every June in June, but there has been a rumor that the 5th generation new iPhone will appear around September for some time.

However, recently all media companies have reported that there is a possibility that the release will be in October, and it is becoming a situation that is likely to jealously await users who are looking for new models.

Apple iPhone 5 'to launch in October, not September' - Telegraph

Apple Delays IPhone 5 to October - Mobiledia - The Mobile Future - Forbes

Next Apple iPhone: 5 or 4 S? September or October? Rumors fly. - latimes.com

According to reports that include the world's leading economic magazine "Forbes" published in the United States, the regular paper "Los Angeles Times", and the UK general paper "Telegraph", Apple released a new iPhone in September It seems that the possibility of doing it in October came out.

Both coverage of column titled "The Wall Street Journal", an American daily newspaper with international influence, news site "All Things Digital" that provides news and analysis specialized in IT technology, the Internet and media Things quoted from the press.

Apple Launching New iPhone in October: Source - John Paczkowski - Mobile - AllThingsD

According to the article of "All Things Digital" cited by each company, it is revealed that Apple will release a new iPhone in October as information obtained from a reliable information source.

In addition, as a source of information, the US second largest mobile phone company "AT & T" handling the iPhone reported by the American news website "Gizmodo" gets employees a vacation in the second half of September Forbidden to do so, denying the rumor that the new iPhone will be released in September ... ....

By the way, at the moment the new iPhone is equipped with "A5 processor" like iPad 2, it is expected that it will adopt the chipset corresponding to the network of more than 8 million pixels, GSM and CDMA networks.

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