Woman robber who disguised his uncle drew a beard in his face


Woman robber who disguised beard on his face and attacked the bank was wanted.

Fake-bearded suspect allegedly robs Bank of Tuscaloosa with phony bomb | al.com

The Tuscaloosa Bank at Tuscaloosa in Alabama province in the state of Alabama, USA received a raid strike and the police who got a testimony from a person who was present at the scene made public that the robber that broke into the bank was clearly a woman , He said he had drawn a beard-like pattern on his face.

This is an image of a security camera that captured the figure of the criminal. Although it seems that beards are growing if this image quality is rough only this time, the witness testifies that it was a level that you can see as a make-up at first sight.

The criminal puts a small device in the counter, saying "Please bring me a bomb, please give me the money" and demand money. The amount has not been revealed, but I took money off the bank and replaced the window with a colored onePontiac · Grand DamI got on a chestnut car that I saw and ran away.

The local police bomb disposal team moved out to handle the equipment which is considered to be the bomb left at the site, but when I looked it up, the equipment that the criminal put in had no bomb and it was a fake Turn out. Local police and FBI are continuing to investigate this incident.

According to the FBI, the banking attack incident occurred on July 19 is also being investigated as the same criminal offense. The act of drawing beards on the face seems ridiculous at first sight, but since there is also a suspicion of repeat offenses, it seems to be able to be seen as a clever technique that makes it impossible to learn his / her personality by leaving a strong impression is.

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