A bank robber who camouflaged with a branch of tree took a lot of money and ran away

Like a character appearing in fiction, a man robbed the robbery of his figure with wood appeared in New Hampshire, took away a lot of money and ran away.

Although it is quite classic camouflage, was not anyone suspicious?

Details are as below.
Wbztv.com - Man Robs NH Bank Disguised As Tree

Robbery stuck a tree branch on the body with duct tape, walked into Citizen Bank of Manchester, the capital of New Hampshire State, requested money. The characteristics of the criminal other than the branches of the tree are about 172 cm in height, wearing a bluish shirt and blue jeans. He said that he was wearing thick glasses and had short black hair. Weapons used nothing to hurt anyone without taking anything and took away a lot of money and ran away.

Police Make Arrest In Bizarre Manchester Bank Robbery - Local News Story - WMUR Manchester

But eventually I will be caught in the late night of the day. The culprit is a 49 year old man and the name is James Coldwel. I carried out a robbery at nine o'clock when the bank opens, and escaped. The police soon searched for the surroundings but could not find it and then citizens who saw the images of the surveillance cameras on the television informed the police that they were finally at home in Manchester at 23:30 I was able to find out.

This is the image of the surveillance camera.

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