People who install a large number of PCs to enjoy online games

Online game "World of Warcraft" with many users all around the world. The photograph shows how a lot of PCs are installed to simultaneously use multiple characters in this game.

Details are as below.
47 PCs can be installed and 46 characters can be used simultaneously. One is a server.

As if changing the angle, it is like a server room.

Creating an environment so that two people can play together.

A person installing five PCs.

All the characters on the four monitors are different.

It's dark and hard to see, but there are five mice. How do you play?

It seems unlikely that hands are handled freely.

This person also plays 5 characters simultaneously.

Here are 5 characters. In "World of Warcraft" there are up to five groups per group, so there seem to be many people playing 5 characters at the same time.

Widely placed the monitor sideways.

In addition, you can see pictures of people who are making multi-display etc from the following. View topic - Gameslah's 50 Boxing Setup

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