Multiple connected displays that are likely to fill the entire wall

Until now GIGAZINE "Various monitors for super huge PC"We dealt with dual displays and more displays several times, but the world is wide and there seem to be more multi-display environments. It is mainly used for traders and games. When it sees this, it seems that it seems to disappear anything if it is about the extent that three displays are arranged side by side.

Details are as follows.
Flight simulator with 13 displays. A chair is also set in the chair, and it seems that you can taste the captain feeling exactly.

50 monitors.

The back is like this.

It seems that I am watching the video of the surveillance camera instead of playing a game.

Although it is a game screen, I do not know which one is the player.

On a big screenTRON.

How to place common multiple monitors.

This is a monitor stacked vertically for some reason.

Is it a laboratory somewhere?

Display on the wall. What is reflected ... ....

Four displays. The size is irregular.

Multiadisplay is indispensable for traders.

Other display images can be seen from the following.

PileOfPhotos - Incredible monitor setups

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