Four-person movie that destroys ATM in a matter of seconds and steals money in 60 seconds

Within just one minute a thief of four people appears on the ATM, destroying the ATM every entrance of the building, a movie of the whole story that takes away and escapes is released on YouTube. As soon as it sees that ATM can not be destroyed with a hammer, it is taking a method to quickly attach a rope to the front cover and pull it off, and there is not a time when the police rushes.

Украсть за 60 секунд / Steal in 60 seconds - YouTube

The picture is of ATM security camera. I am shooting an unmanned ATM.

What came in there ... ...

A four-person group wearing a mask. I have a hammer in my hand.

We gathered in front of ATM and got sick of it.

While watching the state from behind ...

I will stand my thumb.

Puff up the part of the touch panel ... ...

I began to knock with a hammer.

Next to that work, the ATM entrance is open.

Then, the thieves stopped hitting with a hammer, and they started again.

It seems that the rope was clamped.

Evacuate towards the corner.

And the rope tightly fits ... ...

The front cover part of the ATM was vigorously destroyed.

The front cover part of the ATM was vigorously destroyed.

Two people who had evacuated pop out.

Put all contents inside out ......


Only the hammer was left on the scene.

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