A site on which everyone can list products on the mail-order site "Poti is already good"

To buy what you want on the internet mail-order site such as Amazon.co.jp "To punchAlthough it says, such site "Pochi" is a site which can tweet Twitter with Twitter on Twitter goods and "Pochitari" items from this and list a little desire of various users.

First of all, click "Login" at the top right of the page, let's cooperate with your Twitter account and click "BUY" or "Petit". The same window opens with either click. Since I was at a loss as to which one I should press first, it may be easier to understand if I focus on either one.

Then such an input form will be expanded.

When putting a keyword in the search window, the items on Amazon related to it are slippery.

If you find what you want, click on the product link.

If it is a thing you already bought, select "Pochi no more", if you want to buy it, choose "want to punch". I chose "want to punch" here.

Then, a message is automatically generated that includes a link of the product and a message to inform "I want to punch from now" and a link of "Poti no Ota". In addition to this it is also possible to add your own comments. Click "Tweet" button when you are done.

Then it is displayed like this and my little desire is visualized in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Tweets will be added not only on my timeline but also on the site "Poti is already good". In the first accessed state, the product image and the text are displayed in parallel.

The display can be switched by the tab at the top of the screen.

If you click "img" on the screen tab, only the product image will be lined up. Because the number of tweets displayed at once increases as much as text is deleted, the possibility of discovering things that are interesting to me also seems to increase slightly.

When you click the "txt" tab, only text information will be displayed. It is the closest thing to the state you saw on Twitter.

It is quite interesting to see things that someone has spotted, so it seems to be good to declare it when it caught a sticker or to use it instead of a memo for a bit of cool though before popping.

Pochi was far away

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