"Murakami Haruki style tweet maker" whose own past tweets change to Murakami Haruki style

Based on tweets on Twitter, a generator that generates Murakami Haruki style sentences is "Murakami Haruki style tweet Maker"is. "There is no such thing as a perfect frappuccino, there is no perfect despair" or "My star platinum was amazing" and something is different but a very tweety one is generated.

Murakami Haruki style tweet Maker

How to use is very easy, click "Create" on the page.

Since it is required to link with the Twitter account, enter your own account information and click "Login". Although it is a type of service that works with Twitter, it only loads the timeline, so you will not post tweets without permission.

Then Murakami Haruki style sentences are automatically generated.

Since there is a "Tweet" button under the created Murakami Haruki style sentences, it is also possible to share texts on their own Twitter as it is.

"Boy!" Also appeared.

Ruin sentences as much as the last sentence.

Very stupid sentences.

My head is full of Knights of Sydney.

Is it that sentences are made based on the word "Star Platinum" tweeted on Twitter?

Sometimes the base word and the generated sentence exquisite match.

I feel something wrong, but it's not strange as a sentence ... ... Hus.

In addition, it seems that it became the former neta of "Murakami Haruki style tweet maker" is "Mr. Murakami Haruki's style thread generator."

Mr. Haruki Murakami talks to the wind Generator

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