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Today's Web font service "Font Plus" can be used as web font for famous fonts such as Chikushi Old Mincho, Tsukushi A Maru Gothic, Chikushi Gothic, Utrillo, Mathis, Rodin, Sura.

Font Plus

At present, 268 kinds of fontworks fonts are prepared and can be confirmed from the following. I heard that it will correspond to Iwata and Motoya soon.

Supported font list | Service introduction | Font Plus

Tsukushi Old Mincho

Chikushi A Marugotachiku

Chikushi Gothic





Since the font size of the European font is light and has only a few hundred kilobytes, the web font is used as a fraction, but the Japanese font has a lot of characters and a few megabytes, so "Web font or reckless According to the explanation of the site "According to the explanation of the site" The font plus system automatically analyzes the sentences on the page of the website, extracts only the characters used in the page, We will automatically create font data that is lighter and we can shorten the download time of the website by not loading unnecessary data. "

In fact it is possible to try up to 1000 page views per month for free, and the rate plan is as follows.

Price plan | Service introduction | Font Plus

Although it seems like "I have no choice but to choose a value license", the official site's "Installation method"Value license is static site, smart license for dynamic site with tag embedded, dynamic site and more enterprise plan if there are more page views.

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