The original song PV of the bowl of rice bowl and "shrimp cold tea tea" is too far away

It is extremism as to deny all kinds of fast food chains altogether, even the existence value of ourselves is denied entirely, and up to the president will be appearing at the ridiculous momentum that awakens to the new world "Shrimp is also chilled tea tea'S original song is released on YouTube. It is a recommended menu to survive the summer, chilled tea tea shrunk by Ebi meta · band, it seems to be limited for a limited period until September 7, but it is a level I want you to keep exposing for the eternity indefinitely.

HIYASHI - TENCHA by Ebi Meta - YouTube


A lively venue where excitement is ongoing

High Tier Base (Kuku)

EVY (Ebi)



Osamu Limp (Rupu)

EBI × METAL "Ebi meta"

"Can not bear the summer of energy saving"

"I stuck my head in the refrigerator"

"Serenade of sweat spouting out"

"What the heck did I do"

"The total power lost"

"When you noticed it had fallen in the way" (President of Tanaya)

"I have to eat something,"

"Rice does not go through my throat"

"Beef bowl (NO!) Meat ban (NO!)"

"Grilled meat (NO!) Paella (NO!)"

"It's too hot"

"Dumplings (NO!) Oden (NO!)"

"Tige pot (NO!) Gratin (NO!)"

"I do not want to see it"

"Long thirty again"

"Tennis bowl ..."



'But I found it'

"Such a bowl of rice balls"

"How to eat deliciously in the summer"



"Chill it! Cool! Chill it! Cool!

"Tempura cold soup stock"

"Chill it! Cool! Chill it! Cool!

"Its name is also a special selection" Chilled tea tea "

"Chill it! Cool! Chill it! Cool!

"It melts in smooth stomach and stomach" (President of Tanaya)

"Chill it! Cool! Chill it! Cool!

"Today I will refresh with heavenly tea!"

※ Tenny first store

"Love is fresh" But

"I have no work but I do"

"Let's freshen up with heavenly tea"

"I feel refreshed, I'm refreshed"

"I want to refresh"

"Cold soup stock"

"Into the bowl!"


And surreal cheering is surreal

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