I tried using 'Attack Neo Antibacterial EX Power' to prevent deodorization by deoxidizing

I call the horrible phenomenon that it gets covered with a stench as soon as I cleaned my face with a towel that was just washed, but I call it "Kusafkin", but a horrible momentum that lightly greeted "Hey Moomin, what's up?" Many people are plagued by this snufkin none of the cassafukin phenomenon casually approaching. Even though it should have been dried properly, it is exactly this Kusafukin that the odor starts to be released from the clothes as soon as I sweat, and the number of sacrificed towels / clothes reaches an immense number of people And has continued tormenting the whole humanity for a long time.

However, Kao finallyElucidate causative fungus of clothes generated after washingThen,Develop a revolutionary detergent that clothes that should have been washed do not smell like clouds, Its name also "Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power"(Amazon as of July 26th 2011, 355 yen per book,RefillAli) Because it became a new release on July 19th, it immediately bought it on the day and tried it.

According to the Q & A of the Kao official website, "[Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power] is a product that especially enhanced performance against bacteria and odor,High antibacterial / deodorant effectthere is. Recommended for those concerned about odor of freshly wash laundryIt is said that it is not only to prevent Kusafufinization, but it seems to be effective also for clothing which has already been converted to Kusafufin, which is expected.

Clear odor detergency with a small amount

Certainly the amount seems to be small, but it is designed to be usable the same number of times as the conventional large detergent, the fragrance and citrus green scent.

Suppress odorous bacteria every time you wash, rinse once, so there is saving water, energy savings and shortening effects, with bleach. According to the official website, I'm at a loss as to whether bleach can be added even by adding bleach.If it is an oxygen bleaching agent, you can wash it with [Attack Neo (Neo) antibacterial EX power]That thing. Even in the case of chlorine bleaching agentsIt is confirmed that dangerous gas (chlorine gas) does not occur"It seems that we can not recommend it because it seems that both the deodorizing effect of" attack Neo antimicrobial EX power "and the bleaching effect of chlorine bleaching agent will decline.

"Premature deodorization! Firmly clean!" "Prevents room drying odor" "Preventing potato molds such as towels" "Prevent mold mold in washing tank" Impression that seems to be quite strong . First of all, why foams, "When attaching the stock solution of [Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power] to clothing which many bacteria exist, such as socks after 1 day, foaming phenomenon may be seen. Some of the bacteria have an enzyme called "catalase", and the ingredients contained in this substance and [Attack Neo (Neo) antimicrobial EX power] react to generate bubblesThere is a possibly good answer. Regarding prevention of mold in the washing tub as well[Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power] has the effect of suppressing the growth of mold stains adhering to the washing tubIt is a feeling that if you continue using it after dropping mold mold stain once, it will be able to expect an effect.

One rinse seems adequate, and if you can choose "Rinse for rinse" and "Rinse water rinse", it is OK if you select "Rinse once rinse".

A guide is like this

The contents are weakly acidic like this

The part of the lid is directly used as a measuring cup

The subject of washing is the crisp toweling towel, which is getting worse every time washing is carried out and it is already gagging thing, but the official website "Q, Although it is a towel which is a bit nervous about odor, why can I get smoked when using "Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power"?"The answer to the question is"While I wash repeatedly with [Attack Neo (Neo) Antibacterial EX Power], the odor will be suppressedSo, let's actually wash and verify.

I will also verify whether it is effective also for towels that have been surely made into kusafufin. This number is exactly deaths and deaths.

And the worst thing is to challenge the bath towel which was partly converted to Kusafufin. I want you to be reborn, but how far is it going to be effective ...?

Now to the washing machine


Put "Attack Neo Antibacterial EX Power" in the measuring cup

Color is like this, scent of citrus green

Input to washing machine


Challenging recklessly by indoor drying.

Although it used detergent for indoor drying in the first place, although it was still carrying out the misfortune that it will make it into a Kusafufin sometimes, this "attack Neo antimicrobial EX power" is certainly powerful, most of Kusafkin state I revived my towel to normal condition, I am too honest too. First of all, the first towel that was turning into Kusafkin was fully resurrected, the Kusafukin series that was giving up on deaths and deaths also revived, and the bath towels were also in the earlier days, which was a result beyond expectation. "Anyway, under the sunshine, most detergents will be resurrected, but with the indoor drying, that power will not come out ... ... Kuku, I will peel off that casualty! (Kwak!)" However, it seems that it was not just a big mouse, just a mouthful tip, just printing a powerful advertising phrase on a package.

So I confirmed that it is a pretty good class as a laundry detergent. It does not take too much trouble and it is quite recommended as it can be executed in the daily washing.

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