Lianteria supervisor, Lotteria "Summer Stamina Calvi Burger" review

As Lotteria is a new product for summer "Summer Stamina Calvi BurgerWe began selling the product. It is not just a burger using grilled meat but it is a burger using a special sauce under the supervision of a luxurious yakiniku known as a luxury barbeque shop.

Arrived at Lotteria.

Outside the store we advertised Calvi Burger.

I immediately ordered it with a set. One piece is 650 yen, and the set is 950 yen.

Collaboration between Lianyuan and Lotteria, "Summer Stamina Calvi Burger".

I tried out it from the bag. Two pieces of caribbean meat are used, and the meat widely protrudes from the buns.

Calbee baked with bread.

What is being used is a specialty made by Haiden. There is sweetness and it fits well with Calvi. It is an ant as a burger, but it is also a taste that I want the rice.

However, Calvi has a fairly salty taste, and when it is joined there, it is considerable taste darkness. I wonder if it was salted or salted, or whether it was perfectly just one taste ... .... It is a good taste husband if it is different, but it is a waste that it collides from the front. The price is also 650 yen and for burger it is only for heightening, one more step, I just wanted to make it to the end without compromising the taste.

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