After listening to music you can enjoy eating "chocolate record"

There is a "chocolate record" that you can enjoy eating if you get tired of listening to the record. This was invented by Peter Lardong (67 years old) living in Berlin, Germany.

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A person stewing something in a pot is Peter. He seemed to have invented "chocolate record" after being fired a local brewery that he was working on.

I actually cut chocolate to make records.

Cocoa as a material of chocolate,Cocoa butter,lecithinIt is said that it is used. Mix the melted chocolate well by heating ......

Injected into special type silicon mold.

The surface is leveled.

Hit with each silicon type to further shape ...

Once in the refrigerator wait for it to set.

This is the finished product. The label paper on which the credits are stated is also reproduced.

Immediately set to record player and start music.

There was no such thing that the sound was cracked extremely, music unexpectedly flowed ordinarily. By the way, it seems that you can play a total of 12 times.

When you finish playing 12 times, pick up the record ......

It can be enjoyed by eating.

Peter deliciously eats the record while sounding a crisp sound "crisp".

Peter is a regular of the Berlin Patent Office that has been inventing for over 30 years. Originally I tried to make records using materials such as cheese, butter, beer, cola, sausage, but it seems that we could have made chocolate because none of them could be made well. Although I am a little worried about the needle of the record player after playing it, perhaps the song that I listen on "chocolate record" may be called "the world's sweetest music".

In addition, you can listen to the sounds that "chocolate record" sounds from about the following movie around 54 seconds.

YouTube - Man Makes Chocolate Records

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