Why is not it effective to drink water after eating hot pepper menu

ByRick Collier

"Guillotine fried rice [God]" with 100 hot chili peppersYaAmbulance curryThere are many kinds of dishes boasting hot spirits such as hot spicy, and there may be people who have had the experience of drinking water in haste with spicy food using chili, even if it is not that level. However, even though I drink water, I think that some people have experienced that they do not draw much of their spiciness, but they are rather expensive, but that had a good reason.

Why Water Does not Help Much with Cooling Your Mouth After Eating Peppers

Since capsaicin contained in chili peppers is a substance that dissolves in fat, it can hardly wash away the feeling of burning in the mouth, even if you feel it is painful and you drink water, you can not wash it off. In the case that the water is cold, the inside of the mouth cools only at the moment of drinking, it may feel temporarily that the function of capsaicin has been suppressed, but as soon as cold water passed away from the throat, spicy attacked again I will come.

It is said that "If you eat spicy food you should drink milk", but this is included in dairy productscaseinThis protein is associated with capsaicin because it has the effect of stopping capsaicin from affecting nerves on the tongue.

Before eating spicy food or drinking milk in the middle of it, the gastrointestinal will soften the stimulus received from capsaicin, so it is said to have the effect of preventing stomach from being hung by eating spicy food.

When going to the shop which is offering a spicy menu, it seems to be good to challenge after ordering a drink including dairy products in advance.

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