Ignore coins and mushrooms, Super Mario Brothers Low Score Captured Videos

"Super Mario Bros." was released as a game software for Nintendo in 1985. As long as 26 years, the players are familiar with everything everything, so how much can you earn high scores, how fast can they be cleared up (by the wayCurrent fastest world record just 5 minutes justIt seems like it is also naked in the state.

Then, what will happen if you play as if you do not earn score as much as possible ...... Of course, there was a person who was already challenging. This is the movie.

YouTube - Super Mario Bros. - 600 points, no deaths

As the title says, "I cleared with score 600 without dying".

I will not take coins and mushrooms as it will score. Mario who also avoids even one cribor, and goes through "insult" anyhow.

1UP mushrooms are also unnecessary.

I have reached the flag, but the time remaining is still over 300 seconds. Since the remaining time is reflected in the score as it is, it is very troubling for a person aiming for clearance of the loose core.

So wait until the remaining 0 seconds and leave the flag at the moment of becoming 0. The reach score to the flag can now be set to the lowest 100.

In 1-2 we moved to 4 faces using warp zone. This area is the same as the fastest clearing.

Similarly moved from 4 - 2 to 8.

When you come this far, the point that "It is difficult to move to avoid taking coins" will come out this time. The point that this groove fell when jumping normally, and points to take coins when putting on runs. What to do Mario ......

I defeated the oath of "non-killing" by defeating one bang with a score lower than taking two coins.

After this I will repeat the jump in orbit that does not take coins well.

Just avoid being surrounded by hammer broth anyway.

As a result of continuing avoidance all the time, the score when entering Kupa castle is 600.

Of course, it clears it by defeating the buggy, but since the score does not enter even if Koppa is defeated, "600" became the score at the time of clearing.

Because you can not take coins and defeat enemies in play, loose core clear that the degree of difficulty seems to be rather high in various bound play. It seems to be troublesome to wait around 300 seconds at the flag if you are playing normally ...

2011/07/12 21: 09 Addendum:
For Nico Nico Douga, "Haru @ Yotsuba" uploaded a video to challenge the rous core at Super Mario Brothers recorded on Super Mario Collection (Super Nintendo Entertainment Software). The game contents are almost the same, but the time bonus is also added when defeating Koppa as the specification of the collection version, and further 50,000 points are bonus added if remaining time 0, skillfully control the battle time We are doing a capture strategy with 1 second remaining time. As a result of these thorough capture, the score is the collection version and it is the lowest value 650 which can be acquired at the time of capture. (The reason not to be 600 is forced to take the mushroom to the last and is scored +50)

Super Mario Collection (SMB 1) Rorse Core Attack - Nico Nico Video (Harajuku)

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