The possibility of realizing "capacity infinite HDD" as well as the discovery of new physical phenomena

About 10 years ago, models with less than 100 GB were mainstream HDDs, but nowYou will be able to buy a 3 TB model at a price that cuts down 10,000 yenWe are proceeding with higher capacity and lower price, etc.

And the background of realizing the large capacity, the recording method called "perpendicular magnetic recording method" developed by Tohoku University has a big influence, but it is said that it is supposed to realize "capacity unlimited HDD" A physical phenomenon was discovered.

Way to capacity unlimited hard disk Way to discover new phenomena such as Kyushu Institute of Technology: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 017205 (2011): Tuning Magnetotransport through a Magnetic Kink Crystal in a Chiral Helimagnet

According to the coverage of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newsletter and the journal Physical Review Letters of the American Physical Society, we will study the fundamental scientific research system quantum physics department at the Kyushu Institute of Technology's Engineering Research InstituteAssociate Professor Junichiro NishishiHe seems to have discovered a new physical phenomenon as a joint achievement with Ural State University of Russia.

The phenomenon that the minute magnet (spin) that can be generated by the rotation of the electron changes is that the electric resistance becomes infinite when applying magnetic force from the outside.

Although the current recording medium stores information with two kinds of signals (bits) of "1" and "0", since it can store with multiple signals, it is possible to record "infinite bit" recording medium There is a possibility that it can realize, and it is said that it aims at practical application at an early stage.

In addition, as manufacturers are progressing their research to further increase the capacity of HDDs, "Thermally assisted magnetic recording method"Or"Microwave assisted magnetic recording systemAlthough attention is focused on the recording method such as the recording method such as this, if the discovery of this time can be put into practical use, the HDD which is being replaced with flash memory is going to take a spotlight.

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