A new technology to dramatically improve HDD capacity, a path to practical use is shown

The current high capacity HDD adopted "Perpendicular magnetic recording systemAlthough it is said that the limit to the capacity increase of HDD using it is said to be starting to appear, a path to practical application was shown about a new technology which dramatically improves the capacity of HDD.

Details are as below.
Realized FePt nanoparticle media structure capable of thermally assisted magnetic recording - Press Release | NIMS

According to the release of the National Institute for Materials Science and Technology, the institute has succeeded in producing a high coercive force (37 kOe) perpendicular magnetization film in which nanoparticles of an iron-platinum ordered alloy are dispersed in a uniform size.

Using the nanoparticle dispersed perpendicular magnetization film prepared this time, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is expected as a next-generation recording method, writing magnetic data while applying heat to a minute region of the disk and writing heat "Thermally assisted magnetic recording methodAs a result, it was found that 450 Gbit / square inch (the maximum value of the recording density of commercially available HDD is about 550 Gbit / square inch) equivalent to the highest value of the recording density of the HDD adopting the current perpendicular magnetic recording system It showed that it was achievable.

In addition, various improvements have been made to the current perpendicular magnetic recording method, but in this method, the recording density considered to be 1 Tbit (1000 Gbit) / square inch is limited to 4 Tbit (4000 Gbit) / In order to dramatically increase to about the square inch, it is said that it is necessary to shift to a new magnetic recording method, and thermally assisted magnetic recording method is expected to be one promising recording method.

In addition, establishing industrial production technology of iron platinum-based medium having nanoparticle structure as fabricated at the laboratory level this time is expected to greatly approximate the practical application of heat-assisted magnetic recording, and this research The results will be announced at the "21st International Magnetic Recording Conference (TMRC 2010)" to be held in San Diego, USA on August 16-18.

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