Toshiba establishes 'HDD Prior Art Center' etc. to develop next-generation large capacity HDD

Toshiba, which adopted the "perpendicular magnetic recording system" in HDD for the first time in 2004 and has decided to increase the capacity, to achieve further increase in capacity by adopting next-generation technology, such as "HDD Prior Art Center" etc. Announced the establishment of the company.

Toshiba: News Release (2011 - 07 - 07): Establish HDD Technology Center for Next Generation High Density Magnetic Recording Technology Development

According to the press release of Toshiba, although the "perpendicular magnetic recording system" which is currently the mainstream recording system of HDD has become much larger than the previous "horizontal magnetic recording system", , The recording density seems to be limited to about 1.6 Gbit per square millimeter.

For further higher density, new technological development is required, and now HDD manufacturers are offering "thermally-assisted recording" and "high-frequency assisted recording", which make it easy to record energy by adding energy when magnetic recording is performed "Bit Pattern Recording" that suppresses noise from the surroundings by placing magnetic materials that record islands on the disk on the disk as a specific candidate.

In order to accelerate development of innovative technologies that realize next-generation high density magnetic recording, Toshiba newly established "HDD Prior Art Center" and "HDD Manufacturing Technology Center" as a technology development base in HDD. With the technical cooperation of magnetic head manufacturer TDK and magnetic disk maker Showa Denko, we will accelerate the development of next-generation high density magnetic recording technology and introduce HDD equipped with prior art as soon as possible based on both centers In order to strengthen manufacturing technology, it is said that.

In a series of acquisition plays, HDD manufacturers were to be consolidated into Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba, but Toshiba, which has strengths in small HDDs for notebook PCs and other competing companies against the competitors, It seems that attention will be gathered as to how to compare it.

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