Will Nomura Securities acquire F1 Team "Hispania Racing"?

According to the Spanish media, etc., Japanese securities company · Nomura Securities acquired the "Hispania · Racing · F1 Team" who is participating in the F1 World Championship since 2010. We have not made an official announcement yet, but it seems that the purchase amount is 24 million euros (about 2.8 billion yen).

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Hispania · Racing is based on the team "Campos Racing" which was created by former racing driver Adrian · Campos, and Campos RacingOpen · Fortuna · By · Nissan,GP 2Participate in the. Since I was able to obtain the right to participate in F1 in 2009, I planned to participate from 2010, but due to financial problems the team was in the hands of the Spanish businessman Jose Ramon Caravanté who was the largest shareholder Migrating, Campos will be appointed vice president.

The team who became "Hispania · Racing" under Mr. Caravante participated from the 2010 series. Beginning with the two people of Ayrton Senna's nephew Bruno Sena and Indian driver Calne Chandock, it has been in the struggle but the highest position throughout the season is 14th. We are still fighting hard in 2011, and financially it is always plagued by lack of sponsors.

Even if Nomura Securities acquires it, it is believed that the team name and structure will be handed over as it is.

Additional notes:
Nomura Securities denies this acquisition report. There seems to be a story such as investment company funded by Nomura Securities rather than Nomura Securities, but there is no announcement here as well.

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